The 2020 Alienware Games Begins on July 17

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The 2020 Alienware Games Begins on July 17

LoL Esports teams up with Overwolf and Playwire for the 2020 Alienware Games.

From July 17 — September 11, participants will have the chance to rise up the ranks of the 2020 Alienware Games leaderboard by scoring points across a multitude of games. The supported games will be League of Legends, Fortnite and CS:GO. Each supported title will offer the top 250 players on the leaderboard a selection of in-game currency each week. Players outside the top 250 will have a chance to win via a raffle.

Professional players and streamers will also be getting in on the action across the titles. They include Misfit’s ProxyFox and Broxah, Stewie2k, and 72hrs from Team Liquid. You’ll also see special streams by Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics and Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Actor Jerry Ferrara and Grammy-award nominated record producer and co-owner of Rogue Steve Aoki will be showing their support for the competition online.

On top of the top 250 player prize, the 2020 Alienware Games will also see the top 16 players across the event awarded an Alienware gaming rig. An additional 8 will be awarded via raffle, with raffle entries tied to points gained.

The 2020 Alienware Games

Anthony Alexander, EVP of Global Sales at Playwire, had this to say:

“Last year’s challenge was designed to create value for the gaming community and Alienware using authentic in-game experiences. This year, we have created something truly unique and for the first time ever, our challenge will run across multiple games and geographies simultaneously, ensuring the contest is inclusive to all types of gamers while giving them an even playing field to compete with one another. By creating a unified scoring system across these four massively popular gaming titles, we are empowering players of all skill levels to earn prizing and forge unforgettable experiences by doing what they love most”

Last year's event clocked up over 344k hours of playtime and 72 million total impressions across multiple platforms.

Uri Marchand, CEO of Overwolf, added:

“We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build an Alienware Games App that will make this year’s competition even more exciting as players of all skill levels come together to prove themselves in their favorite games. As gamers ourselves, earning prizes while enjoying competitive play in an organic manner is something we strive for and this year we are proud to reward even greater prizes and more chances to walk away as a winner.”

The event is open to users in the United States and Canida. The Alienware Games App is available to download inside the Overwolf store.

The 2020 Alienware Games Begins on July 17
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