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Team Scump Wins Twitch Rivals $50K Black Ops Cold War Showdown

Profile photos of the four winning players on Team Scump Scump, ZooMaa, Aydan and Tfue. The word "Winners" appears above the Twitch Rivals logo appears below.

Team Scump took home the victory in Twitch Rivals’ first Black Ops Cold War tournament.

Last night Twitch hosted their first Black Ops Cold War tournament. It was unlike any other, and they put $50K on the line for the participating teams. This tournament consisted of 4 different rounds. Teams would compete in a single elimination bracket across four different game modes, earning cash and points for each mode they won. Team Scump earned a total of 14 points and won the tournament, here's how.

Team Scump’s Road to Victory

They started off in the Hardpoint bracket. Team Scump consisted of Scump, ZooMaa, Aydan and Tfue and they went against Team Clayster in round one. Unfortunately, they lost heavily and being a single elimination bracket, they played in the bo3 3rd place match against Team Nadeshot, also losing and earning no points from this round.

Things weren't much better in the Domination round either. Team Scump won their first game, putting them in the bo3 winners match, however Team Simp were too strong and easily 2-0’d to win the Domination bracket.

VIP Escort was next, and Team Scump meant business. They won the first round vs Team Simp, before winning the winners match against Team Clayster 2-0. This gave them another 5 points, and edged them closer to victory.

The final round was Search & Destroy, the bread and butter of the Call of Duty community. This showed, as Scump, ZooMaa, Aydan and Tfue looked strong, beating Team Clayster in the first match, and then defeating Team Simp 2-0 in the finals.

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Team Scump took home $20K of the $50K prize pool from this tournament, and showed off some incredible Black Ops Cold War skills. The action continues, with another BOCW tournament tonight hosted by the Minnesota Rokkr  that you won't want to miss!

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