Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson
Nick "Lesona" Johnson is an esports journalist with a focus on CS:GO and the OWL. His interest for esports started with CS:S and grew into a career as both an esports writer and an avid fan, giving him a unique perspective on both the casual and professional scenes. Twitter: @Lesona_

Team Envy Announces CORSAIR Partnership, Giveaway

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Envy Gaming has released details of its partnership with CORSAIR, who will provide peripherals to both Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel. In addition to the partnership, all Team Envy teams will be involved in “product testing, evaluations, and review of CORSAIR products,” according to the Team Envy press release.

In addition to announcing the sponsorship deal, Team Envy and Corsair are offering a giveaway of CORSAIR peripherals, including a keyboard, mouse, headset, and mousepad signed by the winner’s choice of Team Envy associated players.

Check out Team Envy's announcement video below.

Image VIA: Team Envy

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