Team DogChamp vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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Team DogChamp vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

Team DogChamp vs nouns may not seem like the most exciting series in North America’s Tour 3 Division I, but it is a lot more important than you think.

Since North America only has 2 slots for the Bali Major, teams like nouns can’t make any mistakes if they want to secure one of them. Therefore, the Team DogChamp vs nouns match is way more important than you may think, at least for one of the teams. The latter will do all they can to win, so the odds offered by some of the best Dota 2 betting websites should be a lot more interesting than usual.

Team DogChamp vs nouns Preview

So far, these two teams have played several times, and the results are usually in favor of Gunnar’s squad. However, considering that both have 1 victory so far, the Team DogChamp vs nouns clash is pretty hard to predict. This is not good for online bettors, but it’s an advantage for people who like watching Dota 2.

Team DogChamp

As mentioned, this team also has one victory so far, and it was against felt. Despite being the underdogs, red2 and the rest proved that they’re pretty good and can surprise opponents that are believed to be stronger than them.


One of the favorites in Tour 3 Division I of NA’s DPC also started with a victory. Before the nouns vs Team DogChamp clash, Gunnar and the rest dealt with B8 after 2 quick games. We though that this series would be more interesting to watch, but this wasn’t the case.

Team DogChamp vs nouns Predictions


When it comes down to choosing the winner in this clash, we think that nouns will be the squad that will win. It will definitely have more motivation to do that, and if we take a look at the head-to-head battle, we can see that it always comes on top.

Is this a 3-game series?

We don’t think that the Team DogChamp vs nouns will be one of the 3-game series. Although it’s possible, Moo and the rest will try to secure another fast and dominant victory.

Net worth lead – over 30k

Despite being the favorite in the match, nouns will have to step up their game to win this series. That’s why we think the games will be slightly longer than usual, meaning the net worth lead can reach over 30k at some point.

Will this game give us access to more than 10 destroyed towers?

Yes, this game can give us access to more than 10 towers in total. After all, nouns tried focusing on objectives in their first series of Tour 3 because those things are very important in patch 7.33c.

Team DogChamp vs nouns – Here’s how and when to watch the match

The series between these two teams will be broadcasted on NA DPC’s official channels on Twitch and YouTube. If you’re unsure when to tune in, open one of them on May 20 at 22:00 EEST.

Team DogChamp vs nouns Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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