Suspended Call Of Duty Pro Apologizes For Death Threat

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Suspended Call Of Duty Pro Apologizes For Death Threat

COD pro Bryan “Jimbo” Sabman was suspended by the League for three months after he made death threats against Matthew “KISMET” Tinsley.

While competing in the Call of Duty Challengers Elite qualifiers match, the former uT Crew player made an overly aggressive comment to KISMET of Built By Gamers. His words were recorded live on the game’s voice comms and later shared on social media.

Jimbo issued an apology via Twitter. The 20-year old Canadian said, “It was never my intent to threaten another competitor.” He added that he had made the threat “in the heat of the moment.”

He gave a further clarification explaining that the mic was cutting in and out during the game. He claimed that his words were not a direct threat but a figure of speech. Jimbo really meant to say that “If you keep talking like that in irl, you’re gonna get shot in the head.” But because English wasn’t his first language, it didn’t come out as intended. In the end, he admitted that his language difficulty didn’t excuse what he said.

Jimbo said that he would use the League’s suspension to “work on my mental health, mature, and learn from my mistakes.”

We still have to learn if the apology will cause CDL to shorten the three-month suspension.

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