Surprising Subliners; Flawless FaZe — CDL Super Week Day 4 Recap

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Surprising Subliners; Flawless FaZe — CDL Super Week Day 4 Recap

Day four of the CDL Super Week provided some more incredible matches, here’s what went down.

The fourth day of the CDL Super Week saw us reach the halfway mark. However, the action has not slowed down. Some more incredible matches gave us the CDL entertainment we know and love. Here’s a recap of everything from day four.

New York Subliners 3-0 Minnesota Rokkr

New York Subliners began with an incredible first map from Asim. His 22/5 map saw New York win 250-82 and they, and more specifically Asim dominated Minnesota, going 9/1 to take a 1-0 series lead. Asim continued his dominance into map two with a quick 6-0 SnD. The New York Subliners appear to be speedrunning CDL matches this week, with two extremely quick games and a 2-0 lead in the series.

New York closed out the series 3-0 in a 3-2 Control win. This was a complete overall excellent performance from the Subliners in map three as they swept the series and look like one of the best teams in the league at the moment.

OpTic Chicago 3-1 Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas came out hot with a 250-234 map one victory. The Guerrillas held the hardpoint excellently, not allowing OpTic to break in and get valuable time. This was seen in the final hill, where the Guerrillas setup denied OpTic a win.

OpTic responded with a solid 6-3 Search and Destroy victory, taking their first win of the season. This was a good all round display from OpTic, and saw them win their first SnD of the season. A massive play from Envoy saw OpTic regain control of the series following a 3-1 Control win. While Enovy’s K/D was 17/29, the plays he made to manipulate spawns and setup control were exceptional, and he won OpTic this map.

OpTic carried this momentum through to win the series 3-1. Their Hardpoint game returned to its clinical nature prior to map one of this series, and OpTic looked great. The AR’s in Dashy and Formal dominated as expected on Moscow, and saw OpTic bounce back and take the series.

Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers

Florida Mutineers took a 1-0 series lead with a 250-196 Hardpoint win. Owakening and Skyz dominated, going 33/33 and 29/20 respectively to hold down hills with ease and give themselves a very important 1-0 advantage. FaZe tied the series 1-1 with a dominant 6-1 victory. aBeZy was the star player, going 10/3 and using his streaks to win the final round.

Control gave the same defense after defense rounds on Garrison, however an exceptionally played attacking round from FaZe saw them avoid all Mutineers streaks, and win the round five to take a 2-1 series lead. Atlanta FaZe closed out the series 3-1 with some incredible plays from aBeZy yet again. The 250-190 win was close, and Florida put up a fight. However, Atlanta FaZe now sit undefeated, and 4-0 in the league.

The CDL Super Week doesn't stop yet, with three more days of action continuing tonight at 3PM ET.

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