Sucker for Love Review – Love, Cults, and Horror

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Sucker for Love Review – Love, Cults, and Horror

In the era of open worlds and multiplayer games, there are still developers who decide to focus on “older” and “niche” genres, such as point-and-click or visual novels. Sucker for Love is one such example. The developers wanted to mix point-and-click elements with those of visual novels to try not to follow the trends of recent years. Will they have succeeded?

In this Sucker for Love review, therefore, we will tell you what our impressions of the game are, highlighting both the positive and negative things. If you are curious to know what we think, all you have to do is continue reading this review.

A Romantic Horror Story

Sucker for Love, as we already said at the beginning of this article, is a game that mixes point-and-click mechanics with those of visual novels. These are certainly not two of the most popular genres, especially in the West, but that doesn't mean that they don't still have a following. Furthermore, if a product tries in some way to give a pinch of originality, it is always welcome. But is this the case with Sucker for Love? Not exactly.

Our character finds himself in this city where kids keep disappearing all the time, for no apparent reason and without anyone being able to find the people behind it all. After the first introductory minutes, which serve us, in fact, to understand what the essence of the story is, we are called to take part in what is a story full of twists and turns, from beginning to end. However, it is not a story that certainly shines with originality.

In many media, we've become accustomed to seeing stories with kids mysteriously disappearing for the most sinister reasons, and in Sucker for Love, pretty much the same thing happens. We won't tell you much about it because, given the nature of the game, any other type of information could ruin the surprise effect. But anyway, suffice it to say that some things are quite obvious.

Sucker for Love Review

Old School Gameplay

The gameplay of Sucker for Love, as you can well imagine, is very old-school. All you have to do is watch the long dialogues that will allow you to understand what is happening and move between the various settings in search of clues to be able to proceed with your adventure. Nothing more, nothing less. In short, it is certainly not a game suitable for those who were looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

However, we must say that both parts, both the visual novel and the point-and-click one, were successful and still succeed in their intent to tell the story. Obviously, don't expect a very long-lasting game; after a couple of hours, you will be able to see the credits. Of course, you can decide to replay the story to see what might have happened if you had chosen another choice, but that is your decision.

Even on the technical side, there aren't many things to say. The game is very simple, as is its structure, so there are no problems, but we certainly can't expect who knows what from a game like this. The sound effects and soundtrack are well managed and the development team has done an excellent job from this point of view, as they manage to make the player more involved and give that feeling of tension.

Sucker for Love Review

Sucker for Love Review – 6/10

Sucker for Love is certainly not a game that revolutionizes the industry or its genres, this must be said. It's a very derivative game that takes inspiration from several past works, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If something works, why change it? And that's exactly what the developers probably thought.

If you are a lover of this type of game, you might consider purchasing it to enrich your library, or to play a more chill game between one more complex one and another. Obviously, it's not a one-size-fits-all game. So, if you don't like reading text and moving between environments simply by clicking on the screen, this is not the game for you. For the rest, although the plot is not very original, it can still be played and is able to involve you for a couple of hours.

*The game was reviewed on PC thanks to a key offered by the developers.

Sucker for Love Review – Love, Cults, and Horror
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