Spart Dropped as Gunless Returns to Los Angeles Guerrillas Roster

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Spart Dropped as Gunless Returns to Los Angeles Guerrillas Roster

Spart returns to the bench as Gunless returns to the LAG Starting Roster

The Los Angeles Guerrillas have struggled following their Major 2 victory, winning just a handful of matches since. This has led to a change, seeing Pierce “Gunless” Hillman replace Kris “Spart” Cervantez on the starting lineup. However, is this the right choice?

Will Gunless’ Return Bring the Guerrillas Back to Form?

If you look at stats throughout the whole year, then yes, Spart has the lowest overall K/D on the LAG lineup. However, he is extremely influential with multi-kills, and being in the right place at the right time.

But the overall season isn't the best way to look at things. Spart has performed well recently and the player who has suffered the most is Asim. Looking at stats from Major 2, the Pro-Am Classic and the current Major 3 Qualifiers, Spart has a 0.98 Overall K/D (2nd highest on the roster), and a 1.13 SnD K/D. While Asim sits bottom of the pile with a 0.90 Overall, 0.07 lower than Huke’s.

However, Asim has returned to a small bit of form during the Major 3 Qualifiers, currently sitting with the highest overall K/D on the LAG squad. While it will take time to see if this move is the right one, everyone will be disappointed to see the Major 2 MVP sent to the bench just weeks after that win.

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