Interview With Skullface on His WSOW Victory, EU v NA & Warzone 2 Hopes

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Interview With Skullface on His WSOW Victory, EU v NA & Warzone 2 Hopes

We spoke with one of the World Series of Warzone Winners, Skullface to talk about his WSOW Victory, EU v NA and Warzone 2.

Skullface, Hisoka and Mayappo were the winners of the 2022 World Series of Warzone NA Trios. After winning the Qualifiers, the squad went into the main event and dominated, coming out with the championship and $50K between the three of them. Here’s his whole story, from starting his streaming career in the COVID-19 lockdowns, to being at the top of the Warzone game.

The Beginnings

ESTNN – How did it all start?

Skullface – “My brother got an Xbox for his birthday when he was in second grade or something. We played World at War and mostly played Zombies, but we kept getting the next COD every year. Advanced Warfare came out, I was like 13, and I started playing Ranked and though, samn, I'm actually pretty good at this game. Of course, then Fortnite came out and I actually started making some YouTube content, but never it wasn’t until Warzone came out and of course COVID-19, the lockdowns, so I started streaming. Only my friends would watch it but I thought that was pretty cool. I could show my friends lie, “Yo, I just got a 20-kill win; check out this vid.” I thought that was pretty awesome.”

“I played in the Barstool tournament for the MFAM Gauntlet, I didn't get in but they liked my personality so kept inviting me back to play. That's when I really started streaming. I played a CMG Elite with my friend Pain; we dominated every round and won the thing. People were saying, “who is this guy, I’ve never heard of him, he must be cheating” so I had to mentor cam for a while!”

“WarsZ raided me after that and invited me to play in the Vikkstar tournament with him. We lost to Aydan and Rated, they were definitely the best duo at the time but we won something like $6K, so that was cool. Shoutout to WarsZ!”

EU v NA Warzone Players

ESTNN – How do EU and NA compare when it comes to Warzone?

Skullface  – “Honestly, I don’t think there's much of a difference between NA and EU players. But Fifakill is in a different category. He doesn't really like slide canceling and always talks about how that's not the way he likes to play. He plays much slower and it works out for him. I wasn’t surprised he won the Solo Yolo at all, he always knows what's around him and how to play the zone, so I think he just played his game and he was perfect at it.”

World Series of Warzone

ESTNN – What was the World Series of Warzone event like?

“I remember the first time last year. I'm pretty sure that was my first time playing custom trios. I was shaking. I was nervous, it's actually crazy because I could play pubs and drop 30s, 40s sometimes, but I found out over the years, it's all mental. You have to be confident in what you're capable of. This year, I played way more customs and I feel like we prepared ourselves. I think we just prepared ourselves so well that if we didn't win, that would be more of a shock to us.”

“Hisoka had to move last minute to Texas because he was having blackouts in his area before the event. The only thing I was worried about is if he's on a bad setup. Like if he's gonna have to play on just a regular TV and not on fiber. Just having internet issues and PC issues, that's the thing I was most worried about. But when I found out that he was going to Aydan’s I stopped worrying because I knew he would actually have a really good setup and play the same. “

Hopes and Thoughts on Warzone 2

ESTNN – So, Warzone 2. What are your hopes and thoughts?

“I understand change is good. I don't really care if they take out slide canceling because we've had that movement for three years, so if they want to change it up, I'm all for it. But some things in Warzone 2, the looting system, the Gulag, I don't like. The Gulag was perfect. It's one guy versus another guy; whoever kills the other guy wins. It's simple. It's perfect. That's, that's how you should keep it. Now there's AI in the gulag and you have to pick up your weapon, or you can get an Escape key, I just think they’re overcomplicating simple things. “

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