Seattle Surge Resign Octane; Release The Remaining Players

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Seattle Surge Resign Octane; Release The Remaining Players

Toronto Ultra were the first team to make major roster changes by releasing six players yesterday, Seattle Surge have followed suit by releasing six of their own.

Heading into the 2021 Call of Duty League Season all teams will be required to form a 4 man starting roster. Some teams have kept a core four such as Dallas Empire only dropping James “Clayster” Eubanks while some are forming entirely new rosters. Seattle Surge must have seen the “somebody help Octane” memes as they have done just that, dropping everyone except him and rebuilding a new roster around Sam “Octane” Larew.


Ian “Enable” Wyatt

Enable started his Call of Duty career during the Call of Duty: Ghosts season following his move from competitive Halo. He has won three Call of Duty World League competitive events two of them coming back to back last year under 100 Thieves. While he had a difficult year, Enable is an incredible player who definitely deserves a spot in the league.

Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov

Apathy is a two time Call of Duty World Champion who started his career back in 2011 during the Call of Duty: Black Ops season. His two World Championship victories came during Black Ops 3 and World War 2 under Team Envy and Evil Geniuses.

Nicholas “Proto” Maldonado

Proto started competing in the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season and while he has won many online 1 and 2k tournaments, he is yet to win a Call of Duty Championship. His highest World Championships placement is 7-8th at the World War 2 champs playing under Elevate.

Josiah “Slacked” Berry

Like many pro’s, Slacked began his career in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season. He has competed under many well known names during his career including Elevate, Rise Nation and Luminosity Gaming; where he stayed from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to Black Ops 4. Slacked has won 1 CWL closed event and 2 open events in his time as a professional player.

Casey “Pandur” Romano

Pandur is relatively new to competitive Call of Duty beginning his career during the Black Ops 3 season. While Pandur has competed in many events, he has never had an extremely long stint on a team; with his longest time on one team being 7 months with Ghost Gaming during the World War 2 season.

Ted “TeddyRecKs” Kim

TeddyRecKs is a Search and Destroy specialist who started playing competitively during Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. While he has never placed very high in CWL Open events he has won many online SnD wagers. Kim was also a substitute and analyst for the Seattle Surge this season.

With the Seattle Surge now looking for 3 new players to join Octane on their roster, we could see big names move to Seattle following their release from another team in the coming weeks.

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