Seattle Surge Interview “We play with no fear in our heart” Reacton to Claiming CDL Major 3 Championship Victory

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Seattle Surge Interview “We play with no fear in our heart” Reacton to Claiming CDL Major 3 Championship Victory

Seattle picked up their first championship at the most recent Major 3. Find out what they had to say in our Seattle Surge Interview.

The Call of Duty League made its way to Toronto, Canada, for the first time ever as Toronto Ultra hosted Major 3. With an exceptional venue and crowd, the gameplay matched this energy and Seattle Surge came out victorious as Major 3 Champions.

“We play with no fear in our heart” was the message from Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi following their 5-3 victory over Atlanta FaZe in the Grand Finals. Accuracy told ESTNN, ”everyone else gets a little shook when they play FaZe, but we're not going to back down. So I think that's what makes us successful.”

Seattle’s Choppy Winners Run

Preston Kwan/ESPAT

Seattle Surge completely dominated the winners side of the bracket at Major 3, winning every single match. However, none of these matches were easy, and there were vital moments throughout each that led to a victory for Seattle Surge, and ultimately resulted in their Championship win. 

One of the biggest moments of the event came in map four of the Winners Finals, where Seattle Surge completed an incredible comeback on Tuscan Hardpoint. Surge pulled off a flawless rotation from p5 to p1, locking out FaZe and denying them any pressure on the map. “The comms were definitely hectic”, Daunte “Sib” Gray told ESTNN. “I just threw a nade, I rotated and we played out everything that we talked about. It just came down to awareness and comss and in the point it was just easy pickups.”

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While some players may love a completely flawless run throughout the bracket, Accuracy told ESTNN he believes dropping some maps just makes the story better. “I was telling Pred when we walked out after we reverse swept FaZe. I was like yeah, it'd be great to just come in and destroy everyone and coast our way through, but still winning after doing it like this just makes the story better. So we are cherishing it even more.”

Proving the Doubters Wrong

Makenzie “Mack” Kelley joined the Call of Duty League back in the 2020 Modern Warfare season, where he found himself on a struggling New York Subliners. After joining the team in week six of the season, Mack picked up his first (online) Championship in week 11 at NYSL’s own Home Series.

Mack remained on the NYSL starting roster throughout the 2021 Black Ops Cold War season and moved on to join Seattle Surge for 2022. Throughout the season, fans have doubted Mack’s belonging on this roster, “It definitely feels good to prove some people wrong.” Mack told ESTNN. “You know, some people definitely lost faith in me as a player. So yeah, it definitely feels good to show people. Definitely feels good.”

Australia’s First Chip

Amer “Pred” Zulbeari secured the first-ever Championship victory by an Australian player in Seattle Surge’s Major 3 victory. With the APAC region suffering in terms of events, prize pool and overall publicity, seeing an Aussie in the League is incredible. However, Pred’s spot on Surge is more than deserved, with a current 1.06 overall K/D this season, the 5th highest for an SMG player, and 11th highest overall in the League.

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When asked about the feeling of winning Australia’s first chip, Pred told ESTNN, “Honestly, I couldn't explain it. There was no stress or pressure. It just felt like we were playing scrims. We just stuck together. Being the first guy to win a chip, I think that's pretty cool.” 

The Call of Duty League has now seen three different winners in each of the three Majors this year. However, Atlanta FaZe has been ever-present in that disappointing second-place spot. New York is the next stop for the CDL for Major 4, but Toronto’s Major 3 will never be forgotten.

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