Seattle Surge come from Behind to Secure First CDL Series Win against Los Angeles Guerillas

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Seattle Surge come from Behind to Secure First CDL Series Win against Los Angeles Guerillas

The Seattle Surge staged a massive comeback to secure the win against the Los Angeles Guerillas, we break down all the highlights.

The Seattle Surge and the Los Angeles Guerillas have one thing in common; they both had been under performing in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare League.

A shaky start

One of the first truly engaging moments came in the second round of the first match, when Karma, Seattle Surge favorite, and Aqua, a growing LA player, clashed in a 1 v 1 match. In the last few seconds, Karma went down swinging, with Aqua taking a few shots directly at his enemy’s head. Even the Seattle Surge twitter was feeling down!

The broadcasters were shocked, as was most of the crowd, to see the Surge struggle offensively… as well as defensively. There was such a lack of balanced skill on the first two maps that Seattle didn’t even seem to know exactly where (or who) the hell they were. Everyone under performed, despite both teams having a solid amount of veteran experience. Despite 11 rounds of Search and Destroy action, the game was dull and listless.

Seattle even the score

Round three took some time to get off the ground and running. The League was once again plagued with sweltering technical issues. The name of the game was Domination, with Seattle securing both points B and C early on the match. Those points stayed in their control throughout multiple triple caps for the Guerillas. With less  than two minutes left, the game started to pick up. The Seattle Surge were only up by less than ten points. That lead quickly broke to a twenty point distance, with Enabla lurking around the train tracks with great success. Enough in fact for Seattle to pick up their first round win.

With Seattle attempting to win a game of Hardpoint at the Azhir Cave, the pressure was on for them to stay in the match and push forward. The first ten kills were in their favor, as they seemingly started to sweep Los Angeles, but it didn’t last long as the Guerillas found their footing and bounced back with ease well, up until Seattle brought the heat, cranking up the difference in score by more than forty points. That lead grew into a sixty point deficit, with Los Angeles struggling to find their offensive, as well as defensive strengths. They took the loss to make it a 2 – 2 game.

The final round five match took place at St. Petrograd with a heated battle of Search and Destroy. Seattle’s Apathy launched into the game with a huge level of awareness, as well as a trigger happy finger helping secure both first and second round wins for the Surge. The third round was a little shaky. But Octane, ever the lock offensively, shot down the last bit of enemy opposition and gave his team another round win to add to their streak. Though the next round was an even quicker one as Los Angeles finally snagged their first win. The next round was once again a win for the Guerillas. With Lacefield and Aqua helping their carry their team through some early defensive struggles.

As both teams tied up the match, 3 – 3, they switched sides, but not their winning mindsets. Slacked scored the first kill for Seattle as they trudged through a tough LA offensive to win the next to rounds. However, in a flash of pure technical bewilderment, the game was paused due to a few scattered bugs in the match. This later happened again in the next round… and once the game started, both teams searching for the eleventh win, the tension was palpable. Karma got the first kill, as the game soon became a 3 v 3 match, and Octane getting the last kill with a freaking pistol, Seattle took home the win, coming from behind to win 3 – 2.

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