Scump Watch Party Reaches 38.8% Higher Viewership Than Official CDL Stream

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Scump Watch Party Reaches 38.8% Higher Viewership Than Official CDL Stream

If you’re wondering what kind of impact Scump had on the CDL… It was a big one.


Seth “Scump” Abner has been a massive part of the professional Call of Duty scene for over a decade. From his first event back in the 2011 Call of Duty: Black Ops season, all the way to his final major tournament win in the 2022 Call of Duty: Vanguard season. Scump has risen to the top and become one of the first name’s on everyone’s lips when asked who the Call of Duty GOAT is.

However, on January 17th, 2023, Scump decided it was time to hang up his controller. After previously stating he would play for the entire 2023 season, Scump had changed his mind and made the decision to retire early. 

This hit the Call of Duty community hard, with many former players and fans giving tribute to Scump’s incredible career that featured 31 championship wins, and of course, the incredible 2017 Infinite Warfare World Championship.

Scump’s Watch Party Numbers

While Scump was no longer competing, he was, of course, still involved. Scump hosted a watch party for the CDL Major 2 Qualifiers on January 20th, just three days after his retirement. OpTic Texas were the second match of the day, but Scumps influence was seen almost instantaneously.

Data from Twitch Tracker shows that just 30 minutes into his stream, Scump had already amassed 40,000 live viewers before the first match had even started. This number continued to grow, reaching a peak of 88,291 during OpTic Texas’ match. This is an increase of 38.8% on the official Call of Duty League stream, which only saw a peak of 63,612 throughout the night.

While you may think fans would only go to Scump’s stream to see his reaction to his former team's 3-2 victory over Seattle Surge, that isn’t true. Scump saw an average of 59,790 viewers throughout the course of his watch party, a 36.3% increase on the CDL’s 43,867 average viewers.

This was an unbelievable feat from Scump, one that saw him have the 2nd most viewers on Twitch last night, and truly shows the impact that he had on the Call of Duty community.

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