Scuf Gaming to Sell OpTic-Branded Controllers

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Scuf Gaming to Sell OpTic-Branded Controllers

Scuf Gaming is releasing with brand new OpTic Gaming-themed controllers. The OpTic branding will be emblazoned on the SCUF Vantage and SCUF Impact.  According to Scuf Gaming:

“As OpTic’s longest running sponsor, Scuf Gaming has long supported the organization’s console teams and their lineup of content creators. The release of the SCUF Vantage OpTic and OpTic SCUF IMPACT marks the seventh OpTic Gaming-inspired collaboration between the organization and Scuf Gaming, its official controller partner.”


Optic Scuff 2
OpTic SCUF Vantage

Both the OpTic-branded SCUF Vantage and SCUF Impact will have the usual features like interchangeable thumbsticks, back paddles, and adjustable trigger mechanisms. Additionally, the  SCUF Vantage’s primary difference is the location of the left thumbstick. On the Vantage, it is located where the default PS4 controller’s directional pad is right now. Firstly, the OpTic SCUF Vantage will sell at a price point of $199.95.

Optic Scuff 3
OpTic SCUF Impact

On the other hand, the less expensive OpTic SCUF Impact will sell for $169.95.

Furthermore, the initial offering of these exclusive controllers will be at CWL Fort Worth itself! Scuf will sell an inaugural batch of 26 controllers at the venue of CWL Fort Worth to attendees of the event. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be able to score these controllers during an online pre-sale starting Friday, March 15, at Scuf Gaming’s official website.

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