SCUF Gaming Drops Official Call Of Duty League Controllers

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SCUF Gaming Drops Official Call Of Duty League Controllers

SCUF Gaming, a consistent innovator in professional gaming controllers, has just teamed up with the Call of Duty League for some high-quality video game swag.

With this new collaboration comes brand new official CDL controllers that feature team colors, logos, and highly functional design. The new line of SCUF controllers commemorates the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. As of right now, there are 13 designs available as well as two different types of SCUF controllers, the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro and the SCUF Impact.

A Closer Look

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of SCUF Gaming, said this in the groups latest press release.

“SCUF Gaming has a long history with the highest levels of competition in Call of Duty, and we’re proud to launch this collection so fans can support their favorite team. While the designs capture all of the excitement and passion of each franchise, SCUF features and functionality unlock the true potential of every competitor and gamer.”

SCUF controllers are built with a suite of configurable components, including unique back paddles, ergonomic grips, tunable trigger stops, and thumbstick lengths. These features make SCUFs the preferred controller of countless esports professionals. That's because each component can be tailored to the style of the player, providing a measurable performance improvement.

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Numerous Call of Duty League competitors such as Clayster, Attach, and Methodz use a SCUF in-game.

Prices And Opinions

This year marks the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. And with that same spirit, SCUF is attempting to capitalize on the success of the CDL. Rightfully so, with the amount of success the league has had (maybe besides the blundering amount of technical difficulties), there really could not have been a better time for the SCUF CDL 4PS Pro and the SCUF CDL IMPACT to drop.

The controllers are rather pricey ($159.95 and  $169.95 respectively) but are definitely worth your eyes, ears, and pending-professional fingertip attention. You can check them out now at

It seems that SCUF Gaming is attempting to provide a “superior product” that actually might be worth all the talk. Gaming accessories and customized controllers were once mocked for consoles and PC, but in this age of esports eccentrism, SCUF has top professional gamers as well as casual gamers agog with these things. Players have a voice as much as the professionals do, and fans of Call of Duty are already talking about the look of the new controllers. Specifically, the free giveaways.

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Final Say

While you may not need a professional controller to really be a professional gamer, these controllers may very well help to absolutely obliterate your fellow Warzone players. The designs are cool. They're tailored to favorite CDL teams and gamer’s hands across the world. And despite the Call of Duty branding, remain the same price as other SCUF products.

Not a bad deal, eh?

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