Scorn Will Come to PS5 This Fall

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Scorn Will Come to PS5 This Fall

The horrific and hideous Scorn is scheduled to appear on PlayStation 5 later this year, giving PlayStation fans the chance to embark on a true nightmare voyage. The atmospheric first-person horror adventure game has amassed more than two million players since its release on Xbox and PC last year, according to publisher Kepler Interactive and developer Ebb Software.

Scorn is coming to PS5

Scorn challenges players to make their way through a connected bio-labyrinth while taking place in a bleak world where the previous people left it to be overrun by horrific animals. The only way out, though, is to figure out how to operate the harsh machinery that has been left behind and understand the laws of this nightmare environment. It could be feasible to survive and leave this world if you piece together these secrets and use the natural resources at your disposal.

With the help of the PlayStation's haptic & DualSense technologies, players can also look forward to completing the game's flesh-based puzzles at 4K/60fps, which will help them become even more immersed in the unsettling and unforgettable world of Scorn.

Last year, the puzzle-horror game Scorn received a resoundingly positive response from fans when it was released on Xbox and PC. Many critics also praised the game's visual appeal. Since then, the game has been nominated for a number of awards in the video game industry, including The Game Awards, The Golden Joystick Awards, and others.

For the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, a special physical deluxe edition of Scorn will also be available for pre-order soon. The haunting original music, a special edition SteelBook case, the whole game, and a digital artbook are all included in the physical edition of the game, which is distributed in association with Maximum Games.

Scorn Will Come to PS5 This Fall
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