SAW, 500 Emerge from EU RMR Qualifier Decider

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SAW, 500 Emerge from EU RMR Qualifier Decider

The Blast Paris Major EU RMR Group List is locked and loaded

After fighting tooth and nail at European Qualifier Decider, SAW and 500 have made it to the Paris Major European Regional Major Rankings to complete the final 32-squad list of the qualifier. The two teams had been unable to make it through earlier and had to squeeze in through the last chance qualifier. 

Bulgarian side 500 moved past HAVU Gaming in Stage 1 with a clean 2-0 sweep, beating the Fins on Ancient and Overpass. Meanwhile, SAW brushed past HEET to eliminate the French team, and later defeated JANO — who had themselves triumphed over Tricked eSports earlier — to seal their spot. 

Europe RMR Groups

Groups A and B contain the 32 teams of which 18 will qualify for attendance at the Major. Meanwhile, other teams have already punched their tickets after doing well at last year’s Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major. 

With the final two teams in, the organizers can confirm the list of 32 squads who will be playing at the LAN event which is set to start on April 6 and run until April 14. 

The complete list of the 32 squads is as follows:

EU RMR Group A

  • MOUZ (Europe) 
  • FaZe (Europe)
  • Viperio (United Kingdom)
  • GamerLegion (Europe)
  • Apeks (Europe)
  • Into the Breach  (United Kingdom)
  • B8 (Ukraine)
  • Sprout (Europe)
  • Outsiders (Russia)
  • SAW (Portugal)
  • Bad News Eagles (Kosovo)
  • fnatic (Europe)
  • Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
  • Falcons (France)
  • 1WIN (Russia)
  • OG (Europe)
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EU RMR Group B

  • 9INE (Poland)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (Europe)
  • ENCE (Europe)
  • Vitality (Europe)
  • BIG (Germany)
  • Astralis (Denmark)
  • Heroic (Denmark)
  • iNation (Serbia)
  • Cloud9 (Russia)
  • 500 (Bulgaria)
  • G2 (Europe)
  • forZe (Russia)
  • Aurora (Russia)
  • Eternal Fire (Turkey)
  • Monte (Ukraine) 
  • Spirit (Russia)

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