Nacon RIG 500 Review & 700 Pro Review

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Nacon RIG 500 Review & 700 Pro Review

RIG drops its next line of gaming headsets, with the wired 500 Pro HX and wireless 700 Pro HX, but how do they fare in the busy headset market?

With the latest generation of Xbox released, RIG is looking to tap into that growing market. It’s a popular space, but as gaming continues to grow, and demand increases for quality gaming headsets, is RIG perfectly positioned to tap into that market?

Nacon RIG 500 Review & 700 Pro Review TLDR

The Good:

  • Great sound with Dolby Access app (on Windows 10 and Xbox)
  • Long Battery Life (700 series)
  • Good long-term comfort, even with glasses
  • Wireless audio range is solid, only disconnecting once you’ve got a few walls between you and the dongle
  • In-ear updates tell you when you’re low on battery and update you when you turn them on.
  • The detachable microphone is an excellent addition
  • Good quality microphone

The Bad:

  • The style won’t be for everyone
  • The volume rocker uses an audible sound to tell you when you reach max/min volume, rather than having an endpoint. Can lead to unexpected high/low volumes.
  • The range on the microphone is a little lackluster as quality is lost if you get too far from the dongle.

Nacon RIG 500 Review & 700 Pro Review in full

As we mentioned in the TLDR above, the sound quality on both pairs of headphones is great. The closed-ear design helps keep outside noise out, while not completely cutting you off from the outside world. While they handle music and movies well thanks to Dolby Access, the real winner is the gaming audio. 3D sound is a weird phrase, but when it works, it works well. You’ll feel like you’re in the action, at least you will when a game is optimized for it.

The Nacom RIG 700 Pro HX Wireless Headset appears against a white background

Comfort and mobility

The next most important thing is comfort. With headphones used for long periods of time, their long-term comfort is key. Both of these headphones will do that, and even those wearing glasses will find comfort. For a real-world comparison, I’ve used Steelseries Arctic Wireless headphones for the past two years, and while they’re comfortable, they get uncomfortable after a few hours with glasses on. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly an improvement on other options on the market.

Now for me; as someone mostly using these headphones on a PC, one significant feature is the ability to walk around my house with them on. While my connection to the audio was as good as I’m used to (the single drops after being around three solid walls from my PC, as scientific as that is). One thing that was noticed by my friends, however, there was a crackling sound heard by others once I left my office (a wall away). It’s not a dealbreaker, as I’m not one to bring my chatting to the bathroom or the kitchen, but it might be annoying for some, especially as you won’t be aware of the issue yourself.

Style-wise, the headphones won’t be for everyone. While they’re perfect for gaming at home or at an esports event, they don’t have the “stylish” outdoor feel that I like. Now, as an older gamer, this is a personal thing for me. While I don’t wear my headphones outside, my gaming room is aesthetically more of an office. As such, the RIG series just stand out a little, though setting them up near the Xbox has made them feel at home.

Price point

The headphones are top-notch, despite some minor flaws. Crucially for some, for their price range, the 500 & 700 Pro HX should fit most people’s budgets. Certainly tailored more towards the console crowd, the headphones sit well at the top of the gaming headphone pyramid. Plus, as some of the first dedicated to the new Xbox Series X/S, they’ll certainly find an audience. After over a week of daily use, I can honestly say that I like the RIG 500 & 700 Pro HX. While for me, wireless headphones have changed my life, the quality of the two is equal.

If you’re in the market for a reliable pair of Xbox or PC headphones, either wireless or wired, you can do a lot worse than the RIG 500 & 700. While they have their niggles, and the design won’t be to everyone's liking, ultimately these are a solid pair of headphones, and you’ll find worse headphones at higher price points than these.

The unit reviewed by ESTNN in this piece was supplied to our journalist courtesy of the manufacturer.

Nacon RIG 500 Review & 700 Pro Review
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