REGIMENT GG & Kick Announce $10K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament

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REGIMENT GG & Kick Announce $10K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament

REGIMENT GG and are teaming up for a military Call of Duty Warzone tournament this Black Friday!

On November 25, REGIMENT GG and Kick will be hosting a $10K Call of Duty Warzone tournament. REGIMENT will select twenty influencers to serve as captains and pair them up with 40 active duty service members of veterans to compete for the grand prize.

REGIMENT GG is the largest military gaming community and heavily focuses on elevating active duty service members or veterans using gaming. There have been many military-centric tournaments like this, like erenaGG‘s most recent USAA Combat Cup.

If you're interested in joining the tournament, reach out to Regiment GG on Twitter/X.

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