PlayStation Players To Receive Exclusive Co-op Zombies Mode In Black Ops Cold War

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PlayStation Players To Receive Exclusive Co-op Zombies Mode In Black Ops Cold War

PlayStation players will receive an exclusive co-op zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Following the release of a new trailer, it has been revealed that PlayStation players will have access to exclusive content in Black Ops Cold War. The two-player co-op mode is called Zombies Onslaught, you can watch the trailer below.

Zombies Onslaught Overview

Zombies Onslaught is a two-player co-op mode that sees players deploy into several different areas of Multiplayer maps. Here you can use a custom loadout equipping you with primary, secondary and tactical equipment.

Once you enter the map, Zombies will start spawning. If you kill these Zombies you will power the Dark Aether Orb, once it gains enough power you will be moved to a different location within the map. Each surge of Zombies will be more resilient, faster and deadlier. This means that you must stay on the move and find the best strategy to take them down.

The aim of this gamemode is to score points, the more points you earn the higher rank you will achieve. Bronze, Silver and Gold ranks will all give different amounts of XP and useful rewards to be used across Multiplayer and Zombies.

PlayStation’s Exclusivity

Activision and PlayStation have been partners since 2015. However, the release of Modern Warfare saw a slight change in how their partnership operates. Previously, PlayStation players would receive new content earlier, however, from 2019 all post-launch maps and content are released simultaneously across all platforms.

Zombies Onslaught will be exclusive to PlayStation players until November 1, 2021. Following that date, Zombies Onslaught will be available to all players on all platforms.

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