PC Requirements to Run Esports Titles Like a Pro

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PC Requirements to Run Esports Titles Like a Pro

The internet has come to dominate the world. But not just the internet, all kinds of new technology are redefining the way the world is and how we perceive it. Esports is one of those things that has been increasing in popularity. Just a few years back, Esports was totally fringe. But today it is globally popular, with winners in certain competitions raking in over million dollars in prizes.

There are plenty of games that spring to mind when one thinks about esports. But there are a few that pay more than most, and whose popularity is still sky-high. One such game is League of Legends. For years this game has been at the top of esports in both popularity and prize money. For example, in this year's world championship, the prize money is a jaw-dropping 2.2 million US dollars.

But when we look at the total prize money awarded since the whole esports revolution kicked in, Dota 2 reigns supreme. So far, based on what we can find on the internet, the total amount of money earned by people playing Dota 2 has exceeded 200 million dollars. This amount of money would make even Dr. Evil faint.

PC Gear

Gear is always important, no matter what kind of sport or esport you are into or are willing to try. To get the best out of the game and out of yourself, you need to best gear possible. This means the selection of your PC the key to your success. It is almost impossible to play the game the right way without it running smoothly. A lot of these games are depended upon a precise moment, planning, and timely execution. If your PC isn't up to date, it will create a lot of lag. Lag is the biggest enemy of every esport gamer. It will throw you out of your rhythm and cause you to make mistakes much more frequently than any other factor. The built of the PC is key. But, you shouldn't neglect the drivers that you have installed on your PC. Maybe you already have a machine with plenty of potentials, but it isn't tuned up to its fullest capacities.

This means that you have to look at the drivers that you already have and see how and why they need to be updated if you want to play esports professionally. There are plenty of driver pack solutions that can be quite the game-changer when it comes to the performance of your PC. Once you figure out that your drivers are what they should be, or that you need to have a certain set of driers to play a certain esports game, you can figure out the rest about your PC much more easily. From there on, you can move on to the hardware part of things.

First things first you need a PC with plenty of RAM. The minimum of RAM that you will need in competitive Esport play is 16GB. But if you are looking to invest in a machine that could last a couple of years, you might be better off with something stronger, maybe even up to 32 GBs

The next most important thing to consider is the graphics card. Without a proper graphics card, the game will be unplayable in a lot of ways. Either the graphics will look poorly, or the game will lag, or in the worst-case scenario, you won't even be able to run it properly. The key is to have a graphics card that can operate ideals up to 4k gaming. The new Nvidia GeForce cards might be the ideal pick for this task.

Another important factor in the rapidly shifting technological world, where things quickly expire and even more rapidly fall from what was once the top performance to average, is the update ability of your PC. Be smart about the pc you get, and the parts that go into it. Custom made PC might be more expensive, but down the road, they will save you money. Why? Because you can switch your parts that are falling below average in their class much more easily.

In any case, to keep winning esports, you need to have an approach of a racing team. Take care of your PC and monitor the progress in the electronics market. Update specs when you can and need, and most important of all, work hard on every aspect of gaming.

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