Parasite Retires from Competitive Call of Duty

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Parasite Retires from Competitive Call of Duty

The final standing winner of the first ever COD World Championship retires.

The competitive Call of Duty scene has been around for over 10 years now. It was 9 years ago when the first COD World Championship was held. Black Ops 2 was the first game to hold a World Championship; and it was the Fariko Impact roster of Damon “Karma” Barlow, Adam “KiLLA” Sloss, Marcus “MiRx” Carter and Chris “Parasite” Duarte who took the crown. Now, all players have retired following Parasites retirement today.

Parasite Retires

Parasite is a well loved member of the Call of Duty scene. Commonly referred to as Haggy, Parasite has competed for well over 10 years. And he's been at the forefront at all times. His most recent bout in competitive COD came in the 2021 Black Ops Cold War season under the London Royal Ravens, where he more than showed his ability to compete.

However, Parasite’s retirement comes from his disappointment in the recent COD games. “I’ve lost all my passion to compete.” He said. “I actually never thought I’d reach a point where it died but when the game is constantly moving backwards and despite all your accomplishments and performances yearly yet your career isn’t going anywhere it’s kinda expected. I’m sad.”

With Call of Duty seemingly on a downward trajectory over recent years, Parasite continued, saying how he “simply cannot force [himself] to compete anymore.”

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This sees the final member of the first COD Champs winning team retire, and thus a sad day for Call of Duty fans.