Overwatch 2: Best Heroes Pre-Season 3

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Overwatch 2: Best Heroes Pre-Season 3

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is just around the corner, and we expect it to give us access to loads of new things. You can learn more about what to expect by checking some of our overviews

With that said, there are a couple of days left from Season 2, so players have enough time to get to their desired rank. Although some people do not pay attention to the current meta, others know that they need to use the best heroes to be successful. Consequently, we’ve decided to show you which are some of the S-tier heroes in the current meta.

Overwatch 2: S Hero Tiers List Prior To Season 3

The changes from a couple of days ago had an impact on the meta, especially for heroes like Roadhog. Although he can work in some instances, the hero is not as strong as before, which means that you don’t see him that often. Fortunately, there are several other top-tier heroes you can choose from, so let’s learn more about them.


The first name on the Overwatch 2 S Hero Tiers List is none other than Mercy. If you’ve been paying attention to what you go up against in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen Mercy at least a few times. She is the go-to option in the current meta because she works really well with every DPS and Tank in Overwatch 2.

Mercy provides some of the best utilities in the current meta, such as the damage boost, which can be game-changing. Of course, we also have to remember that this is the only OW 2 hero that can resurrect. Unsurprisingly, this works in all sorts of situations 

In addition to the classic Mercy and Pharah Overwatch 2 combo, you can often find this hero alongside Sojourn and Widowmaker. These 2 are among the best DPS in the game right now, so the combo between them and Mercy is devastating.


Despite the fact that Kiriko was one of the heroes that received nerfs in the last patch, she is still among the best in the game. In addition to being one of the best damage-dealing Overwatch 2 supports, her ability to heal, cleanse and provide utility makes her an invaluable companion. Consequently, she gets a spot on our Overwatch 2 S Tier Hero list.

The recent changes to Kiriko made the hero slightly more complicated to play because you have to be careful when you’re using your heal. Despite the nerf, Kiriko remains among the best, so we expect to see a lot from her in Season 3. 

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Overwatch 2 players who haven’t had the chance to play lately will probably be shocked by the fact that Widowmaker is an S-tier hero right now. However, after the buffs she got in OW 2, her 200 HP makes her much harder to kill, especially from heroes who can dive her. This, combined with the fact that she can land some of the best one-shots in the game, make her an incredibly powerful hero right now.

However, before playing Widowmaker, you must remember that the hero is not easy to master. In fact, those who can’t land headshots or don’t know how to position themselves will have problems in the long run. Widowmaker players who can’t play often feel useless, so keep that in mind before you give the hero a try.

As mentioned, Overwatch 2’s sniper also works really well with Mercy. The damage boost means that even a fully charged body shot can be fatal, especially if the target has taken some damage before. 

What’s more, the damage boost helps Widowmaker deal with some tanks that have to stay in the open. Orisa is a good example because the hero doesn’t have a shield anymore and she likes playing aggressively.,


The next hero on our Overwatch 2 S-Tier DPS list is Sojourn, the name that everyone has been complaining about in the last couple of months. Sojourn is the hero that received the most changes after Overwatch 2 became available, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Even though she is definitely not as strong as before, Sojourn continues to be among the best heroes in the game.

The most recent nerf changed how she gains energy, at least on paper. However, after playing with the hero for a bit, she continues to be one of the best options in the current meta.


Even though this hero wasn’t that popular when it became available at the beginning of Season 2, things have changed. Some people may disagree, but we believe Ramattra deserves to be on the list with the Overwatch 2 S Tier heroes because he is really strong right now. Combined with Mercy, this hero is almost impossible to kill, and his damage output is impressive, to say the least.


We’ve briefly mentioned Orisa before, but we have to be honest and say that she is probably the best tank in the game right now. The hero’s complete rework for Overwatch 2 definitely made her a lot more interesting to play. Following the changes, she is one of the most offensive tanks in the game and has enough firepower to kill almost anyone.

Another reason why Orisa is in the S Tier Overwatch 2 hero list is because of her CC. Its low cooldown, the ability the interrupt certain spells, and good damage make it one of the best in the game. 

Although the hero does not have a shield anymore, her Fortify, together with the Javelin Spin, make her incredibly tanky. In fact, she feels even harder to kill than heroes like Roadhog, despite the fact that the latter has more HP.

Honorable mentions

Aside from the heroes mentioned so far, there are two other names that could be on the list, but we’ve decided not to add them. The first one is Junkrat, the Overwatch 2 DPS hero that can easily carry his team in the current meta. Sure, he is not great against Widow, but he is good against everything else.

Aside from Junkrat, Sigma is also a hero that is worth mentioning. He is not that good on every map, but there are situations where he is definitely better than everything else. So, keep that in mind when deciding what to get.

Overwatch 2: Best Heroes Pre-Season 3
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