OverActive Media Hires New General Manager for Toronto Call of Duty Franchise

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OverActive Media Hires New General Manager for Toronto Call of Duty Franchise

Esports organization OverActive Media has just announced that Dominique Gelineau will be its new general manager for the Toronto Call of Duty franchise.

“Toronto is really seen as the city to represent Canada. Whether it's in sports or in business, it really is a major hub for being that face of Canada on the international stage,” Gelineau told the OverActive Media content team in an interview.

Gelineau’s expertise comes from being a coach for a top all-female team in the Call of Duty scene, as well as more than five years of experience when it comes to team management.

Her experience includes being a Call of Duty esports commentator, as well as work in human resources, recruitment, and program development at various companies. These companies include Demonware, a subsidiary of Activision and Best Buy Canada.

“Call of Duty just feels like home,” she said. “I grew up playing Call of Duty in high school and through university during my formative years, and so it's really neat to take my business background and see that transition and apply to esports in a full-time capacity.”

Gelineau added that she is looking forward to working with and is thankful for the support she has received from the organization’s leaders, support staff, and players.

Toronto itself is one of seven host cities confirmed for next season’s franchised league. The other host cities include Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New York, and Paris.

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