OverActive Media Has Purchased Esports Organization Splyce

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OverActive Media Has Purchased Esports Organization Splyce

OverActive Media, the owners of the Toronto Defiant, have purchased Splyce, the professional esports organization. OverActive Media is now the fourth company to own both a professional League of Legends and Overwatch franchise. Cloud9, Optic Gaming and Misfits are the other esports organizations to own teams in both popular esports.

On Tuesday it was announced that Splyce would be 1 of 10 teams to earn a spot in the the newly created League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

Splyce LEC

Splyce was already part of the Toronto Defiant and OverActive Media. Splyce helped hire their GM, Coach and run daily operations.

“We said from the beginning that we were going to build a world-leading, professional esports company and we’ve always been committed to that. We were already invested in Splyce as part of our initial strategy and space. So, we're going to be relying on Marty and his team to help us execute our team operation for Defiant. But we just had such a great relationship with Marty from the beginning and we’ve come to understand the strength of that organization. So as we got into it and started to talk about the potential it just made sense to all of us that this is something that we could do and we think it’s something that could really change the conversation of OverActive Media. Team Liquid and Cloud9, these are organizations today that are seen as world leaders and their organizations don’t look a whole lot different than ours does today. So we really think this launches us into the upper-echelons of the industry and we intend to take full advantage of that.” – Chris Overholt, OverActive Media President & CEO.

OverActive Media will now take ownership of Call of Duty, Rocket League, Halo, Smite and Paladins teams + the contract of recent StarCraft 2 Global Finals runner-up Dae-yeob “Stats” Kim.

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