OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League Championship 2023

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OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League Championship 2023

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach will be the second time Breach attends a Champs, but their first time to truly shine.

This Thursday marks the start of the last chapter of the 2023 Call of Duty League, as the Championship will begin in just a few days! The 8 best teams stand ready for the first round of the Upper Bracket, but only 4 will qualify for the second round, while 4 of them have to continue in the Loser’s Bracket. The first opponent of OpTic Texas will be the newcomers of the CDL, Boston Breach – but who will rise, and who will be pushed to the brink of elimination?

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview

OpTic Texas

  • Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro
  • Cuyler “Huke” Garland
  • Brandon “Dashy” Otell
  • Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe

OpTic Texas wasn’t able to escape the Silver Curse, as they couldn’t beat Atlanta FaZe for the first spot of the Regular Season – or win a CDL Major. Huke and his teammates have gotten close two times, in Stage 3 and Stage 4, but they were beat 2-4 by Toronto Ultra in the former Stage, while Los Angeles Thieves stopped them in their tracks in Stage 4. Both times they had to make a run for it from the Lower Bracket, and both times they were stopped just before winning.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach OpTic texas

However, that doesn’t diminish that fact that the members of OpTic are beasts on both Hardpoint and Search & Destroy, even though their Control numbers are a bit lacking.

Boston Breach

  • Joseph “Owakening” Conley
  • Ben “Beans” McMellon
  • Kyle “Kremp” Haworth
  • Eric “Snoopy” Pérez

Boston Breach are still the new kids in the Call of Duty League, even though the organization joined the CDL before the 2022 season. Nevertheless, they made it to Champs the second time in a row, even though Beans and his teammates weren’t able to win a single event. However, they had some nice placings: they came in 4th in the Stage 4 Major, a 2nd place finish in the Stage 3 Major Qualifiers, and a 3rd place in the Stage 2 Qualifiers.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Owakening

They are also one of the stronger teams in Control, where they have a 25-13 W/L record. On the other two gamemodes, they are almost at 50%, which is not a bad sign at all, as if they can be on the top of their game, they should be able to clench some wins.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Predictions

However, Boston Breach took a huge risk going into Champs: they benched Reece “Vivid” Drost to promote their Academy player Eric “Snoopy” Pérez. While Snoopy is regarded as one of the best players of the Challenger level, he didn’t play with the rest of Breach for the whole season, while the players of OpTic have been practicing since February, after Ghosty joined. This means that OpTic will have the upper hand, and that the good Control winrate might not be enough for Breach.

Where to watch OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach

You can find OpTic and Breach duking it out on the official CDL Twitch and YouTube Channels this Thursday at 6PM EST. Don’t forget to check out ESTNN’s other Previews and Predictions for the Call of Duty League!

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League Championship 2023
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