OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

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OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

Is there anyone who can stop Cuyler “Huke” Garland and OpTic Texas after they had a flawless Qualifiers in Stage 4?

The final hurdle of the Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 is here, as the Major begins this Thursday with the Winner’s Bracket! Teams such as Minnesota RØKKR, Seattle Surge, Las Vegas Legion and Boston Breach are eager to prove that they are among the best of the best in the Call of Duty scene! But OpTic Texas are looking to break the latter team’s spirit.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Preview

OpTic Texas

OpTic was the only flawless team of the Stage 4 Major Qualifiers, which speaks volumes of their form. After the retirement of Seth “Scump” Abner and the benching of Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, many fans were afraid that the team would be much weaker than before. But newcomers Huke and Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe have proven themselves on more than one occasion, with Texas finishing second in the Stage 3 Major after making a miraculous comeback from the Loser’s Bracket – but couldn’t seal the deal against Toronto Ultra in the Finals.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach The Lineup of OpTic Texas


Nevertheless, OpTic didn’t suffer any losses in the Stage 4 Qualifiers, beating Los Angeles Guerrillas and London Royal Ravens 3-0, while defeating Los Angeles Thieves, New York Subliners and Boston Breach 3-1, not letting any opponents drag a series out to the 5th game.

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Boston Breach

This means that Boston Breach will have to stand up after a defeat and face OpTic again, but with much higher stakes this time around. Breach have made a change at the start of the Qualifiers, benching Reece “Vivid” Drost in order to bring Kyle “Kremp” Haworth into the team. While the swap seemed to be working at first, as Boston Breach beat London Royal Ravens 3-1 after Kremp joined, they got beaten by OpTic as well as New York Subliners 0-3 in the last match of the Qualifiers.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Breach player Pentagram

Boston Breach finished 8th overall in the Qualifiers, which is just barely enough for the Upper Bracket. This is a huge setback for the newest team of the Call of Duty League: while they did horribly in the Stage 1 Major in terms of placing, they bounced back, finishing in the Top 6 in Major 2, and 4th place in Major 3 – so 8th place is a grim omen.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Predictions

The strongest team of the Qualifiers faces the weakest of the Top 8, there is not much to be said in favour of Boston Breach. OpTic Texas is a beast in terms of stats, as only Ghosty is under 20 Kills per 10 Minutes on Hardpoint, Shotzzy is the only one with a sub 1.0 Overall KD on SND, but he almost has a 20 KP10M on Control. Boston Breach has some nice numbers as well, such as Kremp’s 23.4 KP10M on Hardpoint, but as a team, OpTic Texas is much stronger, so Breach will need a miracle to beat them.

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