OpTic Texas Pick Up Challengers Player Ghosty for Major 3

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OpTic Texas Pick Up Challengers Player Ghosty for Major 3

From challengers to the pro league, Ghosty joins OpTic Texas.

OpTic Texas has been a roster full of issues and changes since the end of the 2022 Vanguard season. After Dashy was dropped and brought back following Scumps retirement, the team went to Boston Major 2 and placed 4th. This was a good performance, and with some minor changes, this team could have broken into the top 3.

However, there were clearly some issues within the team. This sees Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal dropped to the bench as a restricted free agent, and Daniel “Ghosty” Rothe brought into the starting lineup.

Who is Ghosty?

Ghosty has been a name amongst the top of Call of Duty Challengers tournaments since 2020. The player really made his name in the 2022 Vanguard season as he joined the Whatever it Takes roster, teaming with some big names such as Brack, Zinx and Proto. Towards the end of the season Ghosty joined TFeL Enterprises, teaming with FeLo, Clayster and oJohnny.

Ghosty was then dropped from this roster, seeing him join Boston Breach academy for the remainder of the season. This year in Cold War, Ghosty has rejoined his former teammate FeLo alongside 2Real and Ulisses, a roster that placed 2nd in the first Challengers Elite season, and just won the most recent Boston Open.

OpTic Texas will be hoping that this pickup can take them to the next level, and Ghosty will hope to be the new face of the team, and a long-standing member for the future.

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