OpTic Texas Forfeit First Match in CDL 2023 Season

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OpTic Texas Forfeit First Match in CDL 2023 Season

OpTic Texas have officially forfeited tonights CDL match

The Call of Duty League began tonight with four matches to kick off the 2023 season. Boston Breach began the night with an upset over Atlanta FaZe, taking home the series 3-1. The second series of the night was OpTic Texas v Minnesota ROKKR, however, OpTic Texas forfeited the match. Here’s why.

OpTic Forfeit Explained

OpTic Texas took map one in the series, before Minnesota ROKKR levelled the match 1-1. In the third map of El Asilo Control, we headed into the final round with OpTic Texas on the offensive side. Cammy went on a streak, earning full streaks for himself, and putting ROKKR in a great position to close out the map.

However, OpTic Texas broke through, and were getting closer to completing the final capture, and winning the round and thus the map. Cammy went to use his streak, however he accidentally used the SAE. The SAE is a streak GA’d by the players, and has a common bug that freezes the player in game.

This resulted in Cammy unable to move, and OpTic winning the map. The SAE streak cannot be removed from the loadout due to the way CDL players classes are set up in game, and it is also extremely easy to accidentally select.

Following the match, Minnesota ROKKR appealed for a replay due to this bug. OpTic Texas were furious, and took to Twitter to voice their disbelief.

Following over an hour of discussion with COD League Operations, a final ruling was announced. On stream, desk host Chris Puckett announced, “There was a bug at the end of round five. Due to the bug the Minnesota ROKKR player couldn't do anything, so the official ruling was to replay the round. OpTic opted not to participate so Minnesota wins the round and the map. OpTic also opted not to continue the match, so Minnesota wins the series.”

This left day one of the 2023 Call of Duty League season severely behind schedule, and full of drama on the first day.

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