How to Opt out of the New Blood Moon Event SoD

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How to Opt out of the New Blood Moon Event SoD

Learn how to Opt out of the new Blood Moon Event SOD PvP Event in STV.

The Blood Moon Event PvP is the latest zone-wide PvP event to be added to SoD. While the Ashenvale event was a minor pain for people trying to level, it's nothing compared to what the STV event does. The new STV Blood Moon event causes the entire zone to be hostile, in a mass-brawl PvP… which isn't great, so thankfully you can opt out of the event and level in peace.

How to Opt out of the New Blood Moon Event

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A new NPC, Zandalarian Emissary can help you Opt Out of the Blood Moon event. He can be found in two locations so far.

  • Just outside Booty Bay
  • Just near Rebel Camp at the very north of STV (where Alliance enter the zone)

Use the NPC to opt it or out of the PvP event as you need to. By decided to opt out of the event, you obviously won't be forced to fight other players. Obviously, you won't get any credit either or Blood for killing other players. You can still turn on PvP as normal and fight other players.

If you currently have stacks of the Blood for the Blood Loa buff, and then opt out of the event, you will lose all the stacks of that buff you currently have.

We'll update this guide if anything else changes with regards to the event.

How to Opt out of the New Blood Moon Event SoD
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