Octane Says The Call Of Duty League Is “Laughable” After 45 Minute Tech Pause

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Octane Says The Call Of Duty League Is “Laughable” After 45 Minute Tech Pause

During the Seattle Surge vs Atlanta FaZe series last night, there was yet another controversy, here's how Octane reacted to the situation.

During the second series of the night, Surge vs FaZe, the stream suddenly went blank, showing the message “stay tuned”. Seattle were 2-0 up at this point and this left many fans confused.

A screen cap from the live stream during the technical issue, reading "Stay Tuned"

The only form of communication about the pause was from caster Benson. He said “Quick tech reset. Apologies friends.” This tech reset lasted 45 minutes and completely took all momentum away from the Seattle Surge. This then saw Atlanta FaZe come back to win the series 3-2. Octane was furious, in a series of tweets he said how the CDL standard this year is “laughable” and that “competitive integrity is non existent.”

The newly retired Karma asked what the tech reset was for. To which he was told by previous FaZe Clan Esports Ops Ben Nissim that “Audio on stream had issues map 2. They lost the casters for half a round at one point.” Karma responded with a simple “oh no.” This is understandable as there must be some way to play the game off stream and complete it. The major problem is even after the tech reset, the problem still existed, meaning that there was no benefit to it from a viewer's perspective and actually caused many european viewers to leave as it was early morning by that point.

Yes, Seattle Surge were 80 points up in map 4 and had the chance to win the game there, however the 45 minute wait destroyed all momentum. And as we know, Call of Duty is all about momentum. It is hard to not feel for the Surge, a team which has struggled all season is hit with something that disrupts their game just as they start to find themselves in a winning position. Meanwhile, FaZe continue to be involved in controversy and the CDL continues to be slandered by its professional players on twitter.

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