NYSL Academy, RAMS & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #5

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NYSL Academy, RAMS & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #5

This weekend saw some surprise results in the Challengers scene, here’s what happened.

This weekend saw the last Challengers Cup before the Elite Qualifiers and Elite Series kicks off next week. However, it most certainly didn’t disappoint. WestR were knocked out at T16, Europe crowned RAMS as first time winners, while APAC saw Renegades win once again, but it wasn't easy.

North America – NYSL Academy

North America crowned new Winners for the first time in the 2021 Call of Duty Challengers season. With WestR being knocked out by Toronto Ultra Academy in Round 6, they didn't qualify for Top 8. This meant that almost any team could win, but it was the New York Subliners Academy who prevailed. After beating them 3-1 in Winners Semis, NYSL rematched against UT Crew in the finals, where another 3-1 victory saw them take home 1st place.

Europe – RAMS

Europe saw three grueling matches between RAMS and Obtained. The first came in Winners Finals where RAMS won 3-2, putting themselves in the Grand Final. Following this, Obtained won their Losers Bracket match, rematching in the Final. Here, Obtained took the first series 3-2, resetting the bracket. In the final series, RAMS won 3-2 again, resulting in an incredible 15 maps between the two teams in the space of a few hours. This was an extremely competitive matchup, with RAMS only just coming out on top in the SnD’s and one final Control push.

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APAC – Renegades

Renegades took home yet another victory in the APAC Challengers Cup. However, this was another grueling 15 maps between them and Chiefs. In this series, Chiefs won the Winners Finals match 3-2, before Renegades won both series 3-2 in the Grand Finals, completing the comeback. This match was even more impressive though, as Renegades completed a Reverse Sweep in the first Grand Finals series. Proving they have the ice when it’s needed.

The Challengers Elite Qualifiers take place this weekend, with the Elite Series starting next Tuesday, Feb 9.

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