Nintendo Direct: Release Rumors Raise Expectations 

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Nintendo Direct: Release Rumors Raise Expectations 

Rumors swirl about a possible Nintendo Direct in September, with whispers pointing to dates between 11th-15th

Nintendo fans have been eagerly anticipating news of an upcoming Nintendo Direct presentation. While the gaming giant recently treated fans to a Direct centered on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, speculation about a more traditional Nintendo Direct on the horizon this month is rife. Citing “anonymous and reliable” sources, Universo Nintendo has hinted at potential dates between September 11th and 15th for the rumored event. The exact nature of this presentation, whether it will be a Direct Mini or a full-scale Direct, remains shrouded in mystery.

Nintendo Direct: Release Rumors Raise Expectations 

Sources and Signals

Universo Nintendo has, in the past, proven to be a credible source, correctly reporting last year on the separate gameplay reveal for Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. Their latest report adds weight to previous suggestions of a Nintendo Direct in September. Notable industry insider Jeff Grubb, of Giant Bomb, previously indicated that a Direct was likely around the same time as Nintendo Live in Seattle, although it didn't materialize as expected. 

Another insider, NateTheHate, claimed it's still in the cards, stating it's happening “soon-ish.” It's worth noting that Nintendo has traditionally scheduled Direct presentations in September over the past decade. While there's no official confirmation from Nintendo yet, the gaming community remains on high alert for an impending announcement in the coming week.

High Hopes and What to Expect

Nintendo fans have seen their fair share of Direct-related rumors and predictions in 2022. Jeff Grubb, renowned for his industry insights, confidently declared that a Nintendo Direct is looming for September, stating, “100% there is a Nintendo Direct in September. Like, it's that simple.” Grubb acknowledged the skepticism stemming from a summer filled with unfulfilled Direct rumors but emphasized the reliability of this prediction. 

Historically, September is Nintendo's month for significant Direct presentations, with the exception of the Partner Showcase in 2020. Grubb's report suggests that this Direct could land in the week starting September 12th, conveniently positioned between Labor Day in the US and the Tokyo Games Show, potentially monopolizing the gaming spotlight.

While the date seems somewhat clear, the format and content of this rumored Direct remain uncertain. Grubb's information, sourced from a “pretty good source,” lacks specifics. It remains unclear whether it will be a general Direct, a Direct Mini, or a potential Partner Showcase. Grubb did speculate on what to expect, foreseeing a notable focus on The Legend of Zelda. 

This may encompass announcements of Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD ports for the Switch and the long-awaited official title reveal for Breath of the Wild 2. Speculation also extends to the possibility of a Metroid Prime remaster announcement and further details on Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. However, the likelihood of all these announcements coming to fruition remains uncertain.

Waiting for the Official Word

In the world of rumors and speculations, it's important to remember that these reports are based on information from anonymous sources. Until Nintendo provides an official statement, the status of a September Direct remains in limbo. Nintendo fans can only hope that the trend of September Directs continues into 2022, potentially offering an exciting conclusion to the year.

The anticipation for a Nintendo Direct in September is growing, with rumors pointing to a potential showcase between September 11th and 15th. While industry insiders lend credibility to these speculations, the exact format and content of the rumored Direct remain unknown. Fans eagerly await an official announcement from Nintendo in the coming days, keeping their fingers crossed for exciting news to close out the year.


Nintendo Direct: Release Rumors Raise Expectations 
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