Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Experienced Dota 2 players know that the Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid at DreamLeague Season 19 is more interesting than it seems.

One of the most anticipated series in Group B at DreamLeague Season 19 is the Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid match. The latter is one of the best teams in the world and the main contender to win this event, whereas NGX has a lot of problems. However, many of the top-tier sites where you can stake on Dota 2 will allow you to bet on the event and choose from loads of markets.

Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid Preview

There are many reasons why this match will be more interesting than the others. Besides the fact that this will be NGX’s biggest test yet, we have to remember that 4 of NGX’s roster were a part of Liquid before. Hence, the Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid match will be even more important for both squads.

Nigma Galaxy

It seems like the problems for  Nigma Galaxy don’t stop. After the dream dropped into Division II for Tour 3, it also lost its 2 opening series at DreamLeague Season 19 against OG and BC. This puts KuroKy and the rest in a terrible position because the squad needs to step up its game.

Team Liquid

Unlike their counterparts, Team Liquid is living its best life right now. Many people consider the WEU squad to be the best in Dota 2, and the squad’s latest results prove it. After finishing Division I in WEU without losing a match, Liquid started with a dominant victory against Tundra and got a draw versus Talon. Needless to say, this makes the squad the favorite in the Team Liquid vs Nigma Galaxy match.

Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid Prediction


As mentioned above, there is no arguing that Liquid is the big favorite in the given match. NGX will have to win to keep its chances of qualifying further, but we think the team doesn’t have enough firepower to do that.

Will one of the two maps be longer than 40 minutes – No

If you can wager on each map’s length, you have to be careful because we think each one will be less than 40 minutes long. We expect Team Liquid to grab the lead early on and use it to win.

Will we see an Ultra Kill – Yes

Considering Nisha’s recent performance in all of Team Liquid’s matches, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is at least one Ultra Kill. The odds for this betting market are higher than those for others, but it‘s also risky, so you have to be careful.

Over 30 Kills – Yes

Both teams secure tons of kills, so we expect to see more than 30 kills in total on each map.

Nigma Galaxy vs Team Liquid – Where to Watch

April 10 is when we can watch two of Western Europe’s finest go up against each other at DreamLeague Season 19. The match will be broadcasted on Twitch and YouTube, so make sure to tune in. If you’re interested in other predictions, look at your tips for some of the hottest matches.