New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview and Predictions: CDL Major 4 Qualifiers Week 2

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New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview and Predictions: CDL Major 4 Qualifiers Week 2

With a strong start, RØKKR are looking forward to a great Major – but they have to get through the Stage 1 Champs first.

The 2023 Call of Duty League is finally back with the Stage 4 Major Qualifiers! The last round was incredibly exciting, with teams such as Las Vegas Legion getting a rarely seen victory, Boston Breach beating Major 3 winners Toronto Ultra, and Atlanta FaZe going 1-1, even though they were one of the favourites of the weekend. The second round has some exciting matches as well, with Atlanta and Toronto facing off on Saturday, and OpTic Texas vs Los Angeles Thieves on Sunday. But on Friday, the showdown of the undefeated will take place, as New York Subliners are looking to take down Minensota RØKKR!

New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview

New York Subliners

The Subliners had to rebuild after last year, bringing in Cesar „Skyz” Bueno and Preston „Priestahh” Greiner alongside Paco „HyDra” Rusiewiez and Matthew „KiSMET” Tinsley. The new-New Yorkers have came in to the 2023 CDL Season full speed, as they managed to win the Stage 1 Major, beating Seattle Surge 4-1 in the Finals. While they finished 4th in the Stage 2 Major Qualifiers back in January, they were unable to repeat the success of the first big event of the year: they finished Stage 2 in the top 8, and they fluked out of Major 3, failing to make it past the first round. Now, the Subliners have a new chance, and they managed to take Atlanta FaZe down in the first week of Stage 4. Their Hardpoint game is on point, and while Control is not the strongest suit of the team, they proved to be able to beat the toughest teams in the League.

New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR the lineup of New York Subliners

Minnesota RØKKR

Marcus „Afro” Reid and co. have yet to win a Major in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 era, but they have gotten close: in the Stage 1 Qualifiers, they were among the best performing teams in the CDL, and in the Stage 2 Major, they got to 3rd place before Los Angeles Thieves beat them 3-0, knocking them out from the lower bracket. However, the team recently benched Dillon “Attach” Price in order to bring Kevin “Fame” Bonanno into the mix, and the swap has already proved to be beneficial to the team, as they finished the first weekend of Stage 4 with a 2-0 standing, beating Florida Mutineers 3-0 and Los Angeles Guerrillas 3-1.

New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR the logo of Minesota Roekkr

New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR Predictions

While last year, Minnesota RØKKR met NYSL 3 times but couldn’t manage to beat them once, this year, Afro and MIN already have a win under their belt, as they beat KiSMET and co. 3-2 in the Stage 3 Major. While statistically, RØKKR are a bit weaker in all three game modes, with the addition of Fame, they should be able to take on New York.

Tune in for the second week of CDL Stage 4 Major Qualifiers on the CDL Twitch and YouTube channels to see who will be the victor!

New York Subliners vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview and Predictions: CDL Major 4 Qualifiers Week 2
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