New Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Details Revealed in Recent Leak

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New Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play Details Revealed in Recent Leak

Some new details on Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play have been leaked.

Ranked Play is a massive addition to each Call of Duty game every year. With many other games having a competitive ranked mode, Call of Duty fans long for this in each iteration of the franchise. This is due to Ranked Play being a major part of older Call of Duty games and the Call of Duty League being watched by over 100,000 fans every single week.

While Ranked Play had been confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 since launch, we were yet to receive any details on the mode. However, a recent leak reveals some features of Modern Warfare 2’s ranked mode, and gives us an idea of what to expect once it is launched.

This recent leak reveals some new information on Ranked Play, and confirms the return of SR.

  • Players  will advance up skill divisions and tiers by earning ‘SR’, which is adjusted and applied following each match.
  • SR will be calculated by personal performance, the margin of victory, and win/loss.
  • If a player wins three consecutive matches, they will go on a Hot Streak, which sets their rank emblem alight for as long as they’re winning.
  • Rank is permanent and it persists across multiple seasons, but the ‘Skill Division’ changes with each new season. In total, there are seven skill divisions.
  • When a new season starts, Ranked Players will drop one Division below their finishing point for the previous season, with Diamond I being the highest starting Division.

This sees a lot of features return from Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard’s ranked modes, likely due to Modern Warfare 2’s ranked system being created by Treyarch, the same developer of the previous two games' ranked modes. However, we do see some new additions, such as players being dropped to one division lower at the end of a season, and SR being calculated on personal performance rather than just winning or losing.

A release date for Ranked Play is yet to be confirmed, however, we expect it to arrive with Season 2 in January.

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