New Map Shipment To Arrive With CoD Mobile Season 2

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New Map Shipment To Arrive With CoD Mobile Season 2

COD Mobile’s famous Shipment map is coming once again in Season 2. Only this time with some interesting changes.

Activision has confirmed the legendary Modern Warfare map with its inclusion in the new public beta for the Season 2 update. The update also contains other exciting additions to the game.

The new Shipment map will come with a few aesthetic changes. However, the basic structure of the map will remain unaltered. COD Mobile had an older version of the Shipment map with a World War II theme to it. It was dusty and had an old vibe around it. The new map will have a more modern look to it. The containers look more colorful in the teaser, and so do the barrels near it.

Apart from the new Shipment map, the developers had also teased the Shoot House map last month. Other additions coming to COD Mobile include Tank Battle, which is a new battle royale mode. A new battle royale class named Spotter seems to make its way to the game, along with a new battle royale vehicle Cargo Truck.

COD Mobile has also teased two new weapons coming in with the new update, which is scheduled to drop on March 10.

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