New Glitch Allows Call of Duty League Pros to Bypass Respawn Delay

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New Glitch Allows Call of Duty League Pros to Bypass Respawn Delay

The Call of Duty League ruleset enforces a respawn delay, but pros seem to have found a way around this.

The Call of Duty League modes enforce a respawn delay, 2.5s in hardpoint and 5s in domination, this helps to slow the game down and make it less ‘run & gun’ which Call of Duty is usually referred to as instead of a tactical game. Earlier today James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks revealed on Twitter that the Dallas Empire had been “getting dom glitched on” but still winning games. This prompted replies from fellow pros Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson and Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr. They both questioned which team was doing this glitch to gain an unfair advantage in the competition. Clayster replied telling Arcitys to watch the VOD’s of domination matches from the past weekend.

Upon further inspection of the Dallas Empire’s domination matches from CDL Chicago, it is unclear whether teams were using the domination glitch. However, the rumor inside the Call of Duty community is that the respawn delay is removed from watching the kill-cam instead of skipping. From some in-game testing, you can see that it is ~1 second faster when watching the kill-cam instead of skipping. If this is the method that pros are using then they don’t gain a massive advantage in the competition. However, there may be another method that completely removes any respawn delay. This would give them a major advantage and make the game unfair.

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