New Call of Duty Leaks Detail Rebuild of Black OPs TranZit Map

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New Call of Duty Leaks Detail Rebuild of Black OPs TranZit Map

The amount of Call of Duty leaks over the past year have skyrocketed.

A new report shows that a remodeled version of TranZit, a Black Ops 2 map favorite, will be the latest of welcome COD additions. This shouldn’t be a surprise to fans of the shooter series. The community is continuously obsessed with the franchise.

Infamous Call of Duty leaker, TheGamingZone, sent out this information earlier today. Although this truly isn’t a big surprise for Modern Warfare fans. The next incarnation of COD is slated for November 2020. Rumors indicate the game heading into Korean or possibly Vietnamese territory.

Breaking It Down

This makes a lot of sense, both from a marketing and artistic standpoint.

It’s only logical to double down on the nostalgia factor, especially since COD has been performing so well during COVID with Warzone. Bringing back another favorite map is a great, safe way for older fans of the franchise to get reinvested.

Players seem to be satisfied with the newer map rebuilds (especially Rust) and this trend of dabbling in the past continues to pay off for Activision/Blizzard. Whatever area of time in history that Call of Duty chooses to explore next, the story and multiplayer efficiency of that title are the major factors for its success.

Let’s just hope and pray to the shoot-em-up gods that President Kevin Spacey won’t make another appearance.

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