Hold Onto Your Sniper Rifles, A New Call of Duty Game is Coming This Year

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Hold Onto Your Sniper Rifles, A New Call of Duty Game is Coming This Year

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released only a few months ago, but as of an official announcement today, there will be a brand new addition to the COD series later down the line this year. Can you believe it?

Activision/Blizzard confirmed the announcement earlier today, guaranteeing a new CoD game at some time in 2020. It will probably release between October and December. They went on to add that the studio that will develop the game has yet to be decided upon, adding that “this year's Call of Duty won't sell as well as last year's Modern Warfare did during its launch window.” Again… can you believe it?

While they didn't exactly provide specific numbers about Modern Warfare's success, Activision/Blizzard commented that this year's “premium Call of Duty” title, is projected to underperform when compared to the last Modern Warfare release.

The new Modern Warfare had already made over a billion dollars by last December. This next installment might be a trial run of something that has yet to come for CoD fans… maybe even a full-fledged virtual reality version of Modern Warfare.

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The next round of the CoD League will take place Saturday and Sunday in London.

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