Neptune and Spart In; Gunless and Asim Out – Los Angeles Guerrillas Reveal Major 4 Starting Roster

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Neptune and Spart In; Gunless and Asim Out – Los Angeles Guerrillas Reveal Major 4 Starting Roster

The LA Guerrillas make two roster changed heading into Major 4.

The Call of Duty League is getting ever closer to the end of the season and the biggest event of the year, the Championship Weekend. As the team's head into the Major 4 qualifiers, it's crunch time for many. With just the top eight teams in the Call of Duty League standings qualifying for Champs, this puts all teams from fourth to tenth in real contention, with just 40 points between them.

Even after their Major 2 victory, the Los Angeles Guerrillas sit in 7th, just 10 points (one match win) ahead of their local rivals LA Thieves in 8th. This has prompted a roster change from the Guerrillas, bringing in substitute Spart, and signing ex Florida Mutineers and most recently New York Subliners, Neptune.

Los Angeles Guerrillas Major 4 Starting Lineup

The LA Guerrillas will enter the Major 4 Qualifiers with the following starting roster:

  • Austin “Slasher” Liddicoat
  • Kris “Spart” Cervantez
  • Travis “Neptune” McCloud
  • Cuyler “Huke” Garland

Spart first saw himself on the LAG roster following Pierce “Gunless” Hillman’s exit from the lineup due to health issues. During Spart’s time on the team the Los Angeles Guerrillas excelled, winning Major 2 with Spart himself picking up MVP. However, they quickly declined, and Spart saw himself moved back to the bench.

As for Neptune, he struggled on the New York Subliners this year with an uncoordinated team who didn't gel. In Challengers, Neptune recently won the Toronto Ultra Major 3 challengers open, and has yet again proved he has what it takes to be in the League. With Clayster in Challengers, and NYSL currently 11th in the League standings, Neptune may be the only NYSL player this year to make champs.

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