MuTeX and Aydan Set New Warzone Duos Kill Record

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MuTeX and Aydan Set New Warzone Duos Kill Record

On June 15 during the Code Red: Charity Warzone tournament, MuTeX and Aydan set the world record for Duos kills at 64.

MuTeX sets another kill world record! He already holds the solo world record at 40 kills. While his previous trios world record with Priestahh and and Apathy was beaten by one kill. Last night the Code Red: Warzone Charity Tournament, MuTeX and Aydan picked up an astonishing 64 kills in a Duos game. This saw them top the leaderboard and go through to today's event.

While there is limited VOD from MuTeX’s POV as he had to delete it due playing a copyrighted song on his stream after new Twitch DMCA rules forbid streamers from doing this. Unfortunately for MuTeX, this is the only clip he has from the world record game.

While it is believed he is working with Twitch to get the VOD back, the only way of watching this world record may be from Aydan’s perspective. This duo were winners of last week's Warzone Wednesday, so it's no surprise that they can put up such big numbers. 35 kills from MuTeX and 29 from Aydan cements themselves as the best duo in the game as of now. While they will be challenged next week in Warzone Wednesday, and even in today's Code Red tournament. They hold the world record, and in many eyes may be seen as a better duo than Vikkstar123 & WarsZ. Vikkstar being a world record holder himself.

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