Modern Warfare 2 Introduces Two New Multiplayer Modes

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Modern Warfare 2 Introduces Two New Multiplayer Modes

Two brand new multiplayer modes will be coming to Modern Warfare 2 when it releases later this year.

The road to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is officially underway. With the reveal trailer going live today, we learned a lot about the new game and its features. The main talking point of this is the reveal of two new multiplayer modes, Knockout, and Prisoner Rescue.


Knockout is a 6v6 mode where players have one life, similar to Gunfight from MW 2019. Like Warzone, you can revive a teammate, but the round is finished once your whole team dies. Players will fight for control of a package, with whoever holds the package at the end declared the winner.

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Prisoner Rescue

The attackers are tasked with rescuing the hostages and extracting them from the building, while defenders attempt to protect them from the insurgents. In Modern Warfare 2, players will be able to breach doors and walls similar to Rainbow Six Siege, and victory comes through either eliminating the other team or completing your objective.

Players will be able to try out these new game modes when Modern Warfare 2 releases on October 28th, or maybe even earlier in the Open Beta.

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