Call of Duty: Minnesota Rokkr Advance With 3-2 Win as Paris Legion Struggle to Find Their Footing

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Call of Duty: Minnesota Rokkr Advance With 3-2 Win as Paris Legion Struggle to Find Their Footing

The Call of Duty League is known for delivering close matches, and with this Minnesota vs Paris match up, there was nothing but anticipation from a packed crowd of fans.

Round 1

The first round of Hardpoint was a strong start out of the gate for Minnesota. With so many Paris players in the middle of the map, and later taking charge in the middle of the Warehouse, the Legion found their footing once they scored over 100 points. However, that paled in comparison to the over 206 kills the Rokkr managed to cook up with less than three minutes left in the game.

GodRx was in tip top form, shooting down any chance of enemy success the second he saw a rival. Louqa, always an ambitious member of the Paris Legion, stuck to his guns and carried most of the defensive strategies for his team. Minnesota won the match, due to their timing, offensive skills, and brilliant amount of teamwork In fact, they held down an almost hundred point lead against the Paris Legion. The final score of this round was 250 – 152.

Round 2

St. Petrograd. Search and Destroy. Let’s go.

Minnesota started the offensive with a few close sniper rifle shots… but Paris scored the first blood with ease. With thirty seconds left, it was a 3 v 3 S ’n’ D matchup, with Minnesota’s Assault scoring the final kill as well as the first win of the series. GodRx again tried to manage his mastery of the sniper rifle early on, but it failed, as the rest of his team decided to rely on their machine gun savviness. Paris took the round due to well played, stable shooting in the middle of the warehouse.

Kismet stepped up his game in the third round, and with thirteen seconds left, Denz shot down any sign of Minnesota competition on top of the warehouse staircase. The next two rounds were more or less the same thing, with Paris taking their offense to another level, easily shooting down any sign of trouble Minnesota handed them.

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The teams switched sides, as well as offensive strength, as Kismet was the last player left alive for Paris, only to be shot to death as Minnesota finally bounced back, making it a 4 – 2 game. Grenades were flying across the map in the seventh round, and Paris’ Zed dominated with his machine, mopping up the floor with kills as well as scoring the final one to end the round. The rest of the match was a willful blur of Minnesota getting their ass handed to them. Even with a win to bring things somewhat in their favor, the Rokkr lost the match, 6 – 3. This tied the entire series at 1 – 1.

Round 3

Domination was the name of the game, and what a game it was. Starting off neck and neck, the two teams were both under pressure and playing strong right at the start of the match. Each was barely dipping out of a twenty point lead throughout the match. Kismet, however, was absolutely sloppy throughout the game, and for a superstar, he was struggling to even stay alive during each of the rounds.

Minnesota led the match 91 – 57 at the start of the round, but within minutes, the twenty point distance was back on between the two teams. Minnesota was strong throughout the entire match, even with Paris creeping back into the forefront of the match. Silly racked up some terrific kills… and Minnesota took away a win in the third round, making it a 2 – 1 game in Rokkr favor.

Round 4

With Minnesota back on top, Azhir Cave was set to be another easy win for them in the series. But Paris, known for coming back from defeat, started off with offensive strength. However, their defense was slacking throughout most of the match. With less than three minutes left, Paris took back the lead from Minnesota with a more than thirty point lead. With spawns in favor of Minnesota, there was a massive firefight near the chickens. Here, the Rokkr managed to take back the lead, pushing it to twenty points in their favor.

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The back and forth of the two teams was absolutely astounding, and once again, Paris took the lead back with less than thirty second left in the match. Zed came in clutch with his excellent shooting expertise, managing to stay on the grind for almost the entire last minute of the match. Paris secured the win, tying the series for the second time, 2 – 2.

Round 5

Final round. Tied up teams. Anything could happen.

Minnesota took the first round in a quick and clean hustle of Search and Destroy. The second round saw Kismet getting the first blood for Paris, though Louqa and Zed died within mere seconds of the round. With Minnesota holding down a 4 v 3 advantage, there were too many skilled Minnesota players still in the game that Paris didn’t have a chance.

The next two rounds also went to the Rokkr, and with a 4 – 0 Search and Destroy powerhouse shut out, it seemed like there was no chance of Paris even dreaming of coming back. Minnesota tried using more defensive strategies, which worked with great success, as the Legion struggled to even land a round win. The game was nothing but bloodshed for Paris, as the Minnesota Rokkr blew through their rivals with a 6 – 0 shutout, worthy of much more than their now semifinal level skillset. Minnesota won the series against Paris, 3 – 2.

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