Mega Modz PS5 Custom Controller Builder. How To Create Your Own

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Mega Modz PS5 Custom Controller Builder. How To Create Your Own

We take a look at Mega Mods PS5 Custom Controller Builder.

A PS5 controller is the heart and soul of your gaming routine. It is something that you hold in your hands for hours, an extension of you, basically. It's true that Sony has exceeded fan’s expectations with DualSense. Its remodeled shape, a deep sense of immersion achieved via haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers make it the most advanced gaming controller on today’s market.

However, given that you will be playing with it every day, it's natural for you to want to add more personality (and more functionality) to it.

How do you do that? Simple.

You make your own exterior for the product using a third-party service called Controller Creator (or Controller Customizer). It is a popular service offered by a handful of companies in today's market. In this article, we are going to review a Mega Modz PS5 controller made by a company specializing in gaming controller modifications since 2012.

The menu of the Controller Creator platform looks quite impressive and features a wide selection of designs for all product components. You will find colors, textures, and unique artworks for the front and back shells: 

Mega Modz PS5 Controller Builder

Choosing a design is probably the main step in building your own controller. Once this is done, you can try a custom-colored touchpad, d-pad, shoulder, and face buttons to create the color scheme you like the most. The process is pretty entertaining as the platform allows you to see how any chosen part will look on an actual controller instantly. You can also save multiple works to choose the best-looking one later or share it with your crew to get an opinion.

Going with cosmetic alterations is a great option but it's not the only type of upgrade offered. If you are looking for a pro esports controller, or want to improve your performance or meet your ergonomic needs, you may want to look into the following upgrades also available thru the Controller Creator platform:

  • Mechanical Shoulder Buttons. Designed for more precise in-game control and feedback, as well as for faster Input and response time.
  • Interchangeable Sticks. Built for better control and aiming accuracy.
  • Remappable Back Buttons. The feature allows pairing stock controller buttons to the back paddles.
  • Trigger Locks. You can adjust the trigger travel distance, make it shorter for FPS games for example.

Basically, you can build your controller any way that you like – get a custom one, or custom with performance upgrades – it's totally up to you.

Last but not least comes a company reputation factor and support. Besides regular support, Mega Modz has its own forums which are like a community of gamers. The members are not only folks who are already using the product or looking to purchase but also passionate gamers just like yourself. We found it cool to have the ability to ask questions and get feedback from other players. Many useful tips or design ideas can be picked up this way.

With that, it's time for you to check out all options available for the PS5 controller, play with the Customizer platform and pamper yourself with a custom DualSense that will steal your heart.

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