Max Level in Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Run Achieved

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Max Level in Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Run Achieved

A popular Tarkov streamer and famous Australian TikToker has achieved a huge milestone this week, hitting max level in a Modern Warfare 2 no kill run. This is how it happened.

Pacifist runs are common in RPGs like Elder Scrolls, but what about a multiplayer shooter? There’s one player and content creator who has been pushing what can be done with the pacifist run. Most recently, he’s achieved a Modern Warfare 2 no kill run that got him to max level.

Modern Warfare 2 has been a record-breaking game, but one player has been doing things a bit differently. The player, ThatFriendlyGuy, has managed to climb up to the max rank in the game, all without managing to kill a single player. Not through pure incompetence but through intentionally trying to avoid causing harm to any other player. The player laid out how he achieved this in a reddit post on a topic. This is what he did.

Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Max Level Run

Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Run

ThatFriendlyGuy comes from a Background performing no kill runs in games. He’s done it with unconventional titles title like Escape from Tarkov, trying to rely on other players having the decency to just let him vibe. He also recently completed Resident Evil Village with a no kill run. Only killing mobs/bosses that were 100% required. Even then TFG decided to do it with a knife. Modern Warfare 2 is a unique challenge, though. It takes a while to grind up to max level and getting kills feels pretty central to how XP is rewarded. Despite that, the player did manage to get all the way up with zero kills to his name.

The player managed to achieve a 1.4-win rate across the games. Although, he didn’t get a single kill across any of them. In the 138 that it took, he managed 2,678 deaths. Or roughly 19 per game. Even though his K/d ratio was on the floor, the player did manage to score plenty of actual points to progress through the game. By the end of the run, he was achieving over 500 score per minute.

Overall, it seems he performed pretty well to max out level in 23.5 hours. That’s impressive for getting to the level cap at all, let alone in a Modern Warfare 2 no kill run. The player even said that this way of playing might be technically faster than an average player competing “correctly”.

This is the loadout that he used in the game:

  • Riot Shield
  • Knife
  • Decoy
  • Inflatable Decoy
  • Extra Tactical
  • Double Time
  • Cold Blooded
  • Overclocked

The player made use of most of the tools of subterfuge and strategy within the title. While he did have plenty of deaths, these tactics to keep himself alive are an ingenious use of the kit that Call of Duty provides.

Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Runs

This run is impressive and it shows what can be done with the game, even if you aren’t playing directly to the way it was planned. The player was still spending time in games and spending time on objectives. While not killing anyone isn’t ideal, the points he earned show he was contributing to the overall result even in the Modern Warfare 2 No Kill run. This wasn’t a case of just entering matchmaking and letting teams carry you up to max level.

The Modern Warfare 2 No Kill run shows how many unique ways there are to play the game. Most players probably aren’t going to start focusing extensively on anything but kills. Although, it’s a nice reminder that it’s not always about that Kill to Death ratio.

Is It Faster This Way?

The explainer that the player provided quotes a decent number of points per game. Is this a more optimal way to level up, then? Probably not. Most players are going to get easily frustrated by taking away one of the biggest bits of kit the game provides to you. While ThatFriendlyGuy is playing unconventionally, he has skills in this area. His ability to play without dealing out any damage is pretty well documented. He’s done this across different games. For most players, the best solution is probably still going to be to grab kills.

ThatFriendlyGuy's Modern Warfare 2 Max Level No Kill Ru

The player behind the modern Warfare no kill run is ThatFriendlyGuy. He might be best known for his work in Escape from Tarkov, just hanging out and not killing anyone. Different games have different approaches to not killing, though.

Even in Battle Royales, players have managed to win without grabbing a kill. Although, in that case, it typically relies on somebody friendly in second place to get eliminated, either on purpose or through an accident. A lot of titles like Undertale have entirely feature rich pacifist runs, to celebrate the players who just want to go on an adventure, and not let anyone can get hurt. Doing so in Modern Warfare is a bit different, but ThatFriendlyGuy has proven that it can be done!

Max Level in Modern Warfare 2 No Kill Run Achieved
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