Manor Lords Patch 0.7.972 Update Details

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Manor Lords Patch 0.7.972 Update Details

Manor Lords Patch 0.7.972 Update Details.

The first major patch for Manor Lords is now out, having spent the past week on the beta branch. The update fixes some of the major early issues alongside a number of changes that were voted on by players in the game's official Discord.

You can see the full patch details below.


Manor Lords Patch 0.7.972 Update Details

  • The rate of Hildebolt's claims
  • The famous “None” people spawning in huge numbers and refusing to do any work
  • The clogged Trading Posts
  • The game being stuck at the summary screen after a victory / game over
  • Very weak archer damage
  • Inefficient sawpits, which also triggered “generic storage full” problem banners
  • Barter and trading got a lot of fixes, with on-foot traders now being able to carry 5 items per trip & a new Trading Post setting to only allow trade between the player controlled Regions
  • Overly high ale consumption
  • Problems with optimizations in large cities
  • Marketplace efficiency
  • Problems with farming, like crops erasing in the winter, inaccurate overlays & inefficient harvests
  • Too harsh oversupply/undersupply systems
  • People and/or livestock staying homeless even though there is living space in the settlement
  • Ability to add militia staying the same regardless of the order the player hires mercenaries and retinues
  • Sheepbreeding development branch spawning sheep too frequently
  • King's tax added
  • A toggle to allow market stall setup for certain families
  • Extra construction reserve UI, for instance reserving planks at the joiner's shop
  • Combat animation variety
Manor Lords Patch 0.7.972 Update Details
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