MajorManiak Replaces Accuracy On Minnesota ROKKR Starting Lineup

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MajorManiak Replaces Accuracy On Minnesota ROKKR Starting Lineup

ROKKR makes another roster move, seeing the iceman moved to the bench.

Minnesota ROKKR is a team that hasn't been scared to make changes this year in the Call of Duty League. Their move to bring in rookie, Standy, worked excellently, and ROKKR looked much improved. However, their Stage 3 performances didn't go to plan at all, and Minnesota found themselves falling down the standings. To counter this, ROKKR has decided to bring Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak back into the starting lineup and to bench Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi.

The Ice Melts

Accuracy, also known as the Iceman, will now see himself on the bench of the Minnesota ROKKR. Whether he joins a Challengers team like MajorManiak did is yet to be known. However, he would without a doubt be a valuable asset to any roster. Accuracy struggled in Stage 3, and many fans will be sad to see him move to the bench, but it was MajorMaiak’s SnD prowess that the coaches put this move down to.

Major’s Return

After he was benched by Minnesota ROKKR, MajorManiak joined uT Crew in the Challengers scene. While they placed T16 in their first Challengers Cup, they qualified for and won Elite Stage 3, before playing T6 at Cup 13, and second at the most recent Challengers Open. MajorManiak has been a big part of uT Crew’s recent success, and they’ll be disappointed to see him go.

Minnesota ROKKR will be back in action at the start of Stage 4 on May 27, so they have more than enough time to practice with MajorManiak again.

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