Amateur Roster Defeat Major 2 Champions in Day 1 of CDL Pro-Am Classic

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Amateur Roster Defeat Major 2 Champions in Day 1 of CDL Pro-Am Classic

Ultra Academy NA took down LAG on the first day of the CDL Pro-Am Classic, here’s a recap of it all

The Call of Duty League began the Pro-Am Classic last night, with an astonishing 12 matches in one night. With one major upset, we’ll start with a recap of Ultra Academy NA’s victory over the LA Guerrillas.

Ultra Academy NA 3-2 LA Guerrillas

The LA Guerrillas kicked off the tournament with a quick and easy 250-162 Hardpoint win on Tuscan. Huke was back to his dominant form of Major 2 as he put up 34 kills with a 1.62 K/D to kick off the series. The Guerrillas continued to roll through the amateur side of Ultra Academy NA with a 6-3 Search and Destroy win on Berlin. While Scrappy stepped up for Ultra Academy with 12 kills and a 2.00 K/D, LAG took a 2-0 series lead and looked clear in the lead.

Ultra Academy NA fought back with a strong 3-1 Control victory led by Scrappy. His monstrous 41 kills and 1.95 K/D saw his Ultra Academy team get back in the series, and deny a 3-0 sweep. The following map saw the whole Ultra Academy NA roster go positive as they outslayed LAG by 28 kills in a 250-151 Hardpoint win on Berlin, forcing a game five. Game five went the distance, however, it was Ultra Academy who came out on top, starting the Pro-Am with a 1-0 record.

Notable Records

Atlanta FaZe (2-0)

Atlanta FaZe kicked off their Pro-Am with a 3-1 win over Seattle Surge. While it was no easy match for FaZe, Cellium completely dominated the series with 101 overall kills, 14 kills more than any other player in the match. He also put up a 1.51 overall K/D as they started the Pro-Am 1-0. FaZe then went on to defeat Strike X 3-0, outslaying Strike X by 57 kills overall in the series.

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OpTic Texas (1-1)

OpTic Texas began their Pro-Am journey with iLLeY returning to the squad at the last minute and defeating Ultra Academy EU 3-1. Dashy was the main slayer here, putting up 87 kills overall with a 1.74 K/D. However, iLLeY then had to leave the squad for the remainder of the Pro-Am due to his thumb injury, so General stepped in for their match against Florida. Here, they were dominated in a 3-0 sweep by the Mutineers, with Owakening putting up a 1.33 K/D, the highest in the lobby.

All Pro-Am Day 1 Results

  • OpTic Texas 3-1 Ultra Academy EU
  • Atlanta FaZe 3-1 Seattle Surge
  • Toronto Ultra 3-1 Strike X
  • Florida Mutineers 3-1 Minnesota ROKKR
  • Ultra Academy NA 3-2 LA Guerrillas
  • Boston Breach 3-1 Paris Legion
  • New York Subliners 3-0 LA Thieves
  • London Royal Ravens 3-1 Team WaR
  • Toronto Ultra 3-1 Seattle Surge
  • Minnesota ROKKR 3-0 Ultra Academy EU
  • Florida Mutineers 3-0 OpTic Texas
  • Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Strike X
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