Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

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Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview and Predictions: Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major

While they couldn’t upset the whole competition, Minnesota RØKKR showed that they can step up to the strongest teams in the League.

The Call of Duty League 2023 Stage 4 Major is finally here! After three weeks of intense Qualifiers, teams have finally locked in their places in the penultimate Major of this Season. There were some surprises, such as Las Vegas Legion finishing in the Top 8, but the best is still ahead of us – such as Minnesota RØKKR proving everyone that the still have it in them.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota RØKKR Preview

Los Angeles Thieves

Their first opponent in the Stage 4 Major will be last year’s Champions, Los Angeles Thieves. Kenneth “Kenny” Williams and his team had a fairly successful year so far: while they started out a bit slow, only finishing in the top 6 of the Stage 1 Major, they steeped it up in Stage 2, where the Thieves made it to the finals. While they lost to Atlanta FaZe 2-4, they still left their mark, and showed that they are a contending team.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota RØKKR The Lineup of LAT

In the Stage 4 Major Qualifiers, Los Angeles have only suffered one loss at the hands of flawless squad OpTic Texas, but they beat London Royal Ravens and Minnesota RØKKR 3-0, while defeating Los Angeles Guerrillas and Seattle Surge 3-1, finishing 2nd in the overall standings of the first half of Stage 4.

Minnesota RØKKR

This is bad news for the Minnesota-based team, as Marcus “Afro” Reid and his teammates really need this victory. RØKKR hasn’t been able to get a win since the 2021 Stage 5 Major, where they made a legendary comeback against Toronto Ultra. Throughout 2022, they only finished 1st once in a Qualifiers, so they rebuilt from the ground up, but the new roster doesn’t seem to be that strong either: they finished 1st in the Stage 1 Major Qualifiers and 3rd in the Stage 2 Major, which is nothing to be taken lightly. But right after, they fluked out of the Stage 3 Major.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Minnesota RØKKR The Lineup of MIN at Major III

Minnesota RØKKR have won their first 2 match in the Stage 4 Qualifiers, beating Florida Mutineers and Los Angeles Guerrillas with a dominant showing, but lost to NYSL, FaZe and Thieves afterwards. Against Atlanta, however, they fought until their last breath, but lost the last Search and Destroy by only one point.

Sadly, that doesn’t change the fact that Los Angeles Thieves have beaten them 3-0 on the last day of Qualifiers. Kenny and his teammates might have only clutched the victory on Fortress Hardpoint by 5 points, they had decisive wins after with a 6-1 Embassy SnD and a 3-0 Expo Control. Minnesota really has to be on top of their game, and newcomer Kevin “Fame” Bonanno really has to put in better numbers – and even then, RØKKR will have a hard time against their opponents.

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